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  1. #91
    JOshISPoser Guest
    sounds great. i'm on west coast, so i get up later than most, but i stay up later than most also. so, i look forward to whatever tomorrow shall bring.

    thanks man for trying to continue this project

  2. #92
    Foo Guest
    For anyone that wants to help, it would be appreciated.

    Attached is the decrypted psp_emulator.elf and a readme informing you about some things.

    If anyone has anything to say or etc let me know.

  3. #93
    Blade86 Guest
    hey FOO, could you plz explain how the pspemu can help us 4 emulating n64? & the ps3WinDos-thing cannot help us, because its win3.1 with DOS as system-base, right?

    & what about the android n64 emu? can't help us neither?


  4. #94
    JOshISPoser Guest
    there's an emulator on the psp that is n64

  5. #95
    Blade86 Guest
    nice one, thx

  6. #96
    JOshISPoser Guest
    maybe someone can figure out how the dongle one worked and we can try to get the psp emulator from there

  7. #97
    Blade86 Guest
    just ask the master of homebrew aka dean

  8. #98
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Dean kind of works with them, so it's doubtful he would explain it.

  9. #99
    Vanzelotti Guest
    I'm still hopping this... I have all n64 roms... Golden Eye is the best one.

  10. #100
    JOshISPoser Guest
    same here. i used to use them when i had my own computer. now, they're just sitting on my external, begging to be played again. i hope that 7zip support comes out soon after the emu does.

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