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Thread: PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC is Released

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    zeromx Guest

    PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC is Released

    Today Dukio reports that French developer ManuNg has released PS3Win v0.9.2.1, which is a PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer PC application followed by some updates below.

    Download: PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC / PS3Win v0.9.4 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC / PS3Win v0.9.6 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC / PS3Win v0.9.7 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC / PS3Win v0.9.8 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC

    From the ReadMe file: I offer a tool to manage the list of PS3 games locally and on a PS3 (via FTP).

    • You can specify multiple directories containing games
    • The search for a list of games on a PS3 Ftp
    • It retrieves the image, the id, name, file date, the minimum OS version and the version of the game
    • You can copy the games from the list
    • You can print the list or save it to a text file.
    • You can aiso view images of the game
    • It may be in English language.
    • You can specify the colors of the list
    • You can resize the window and the columns (which are kept)

    To install, download the file, unrar it and run setup.exe and follow the instructions. I wrote this tool in vb6, I would therefore not ported to another OS (linux).


    • Added FTP module to navigate directories on the console and transfer files.
    • Added SND0.AT3 file if it exists, in the shortcut to add video and music.
    • Possibility to update the list of local games or only those on PS3 alone.
    • Ability to automatically transfer the shortcut on the PS3.
    • Change site for retrieval covers.
    • Ability to rename the game directory with the name or ID of the game

    • Added compatibility information jailbreak Ps.
    • Change deployment tool to create the installer (Inno Setup Compiler) to correct updates Ps3Win that does not overwrite the exe file. This should also reduce errors Ps3Win installation, it is particularly compatible with Windows 7.
    • Ability to specify a destination directory for pkg.
    • Fixed the error "APP_VER entry IS required 'to create some games pkg.


    • Ability to change the OS version PS3 game’s minimum
    • Ability to change the ‘PSP remote play’ the game
    • Added display as icons and images of the games.
    • Fixed various errors of reading the information for some games.
    • Added an icon in the list differs depending on the support (internal disk, USB disk or PS3).
    • Ability to browse the tree on the PS3 with a mini browser to add the directories games.
    • Optimization Research PS3 ftp.
    • Added remote play psp games in the list.
    • Added set size in GB for games (except games on PS3).
    • Check if there is a newer version of the program at application startup.
    • Added icons French / English on the menu bar to facilitate the change of language.
    • Added a link to a game site for more information.
    • Automatically detect the language of the OS to set the default language PS3Win at first boot.

    • Ability to search several directories for games on the PS3.
    • Addition of the jackets of the games.
    • Fixed a runtime error 52 when the games were at the root of the disk and not in a directory.
    • Added a confirmation dialog before printing.

    • Fixed bug when searching for files by ftp on the PS3.

    • Fixed a bug "File Not Found" when searching for files on ftp PS3.
    • Viewing images PIC0.PNG, and PIC1.PNG PIC2.PNG in the property window
    • Fixed a bug: Display the last image when clicked on the image in property

    • Added help.
    • Ability to copy the games from the list

    • Dissemination

    [imglink=|PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer for PC is Released][/imglink]
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    skyo78 Guest
    Cannot install (windows 7, 64bit) also from the installer, program does not seem to be in English.

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    Apr 2005


    Can't help with 64-bit support short of the author adding it, but there is a dropdown for French/English on the options though.

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    rumblpak Guest
    I'm gonna second that, it doesn't work with Windows 7 64-bit. (it would probably work if I didn't have to install it) I think the installer is broken.

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    Fishlips Guest
    hmm, I got it working on the first try. (Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate)

    Very nice program. The installer is in french, but it's the same as any other installer. Easy to figure out.

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    Warrorar Guest
    Installed it without problems, started it without problems, changed the language to english without problem. (Windows 7 Professional 64Bit)

    nice program, could be helpful.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Much prefer the GUI interface that "Gamezplorer" had. This program is definitely much more functional though Glad to see that things are still going on in the PC end.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Works fine with Vista 32 Bit. Like hacked2123 said, the GUI from is Gamezplorer is much better. Bu try it out and decide on your own.

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    rumblpak Guest
    Is there any extra software that you have installed that may make it work? I get a type mismatch (or that is what it looks like I don't speak french at all) shortly into the install.

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    bluedragon14 Guest
    No need to install it. I just extracted the included rar to a folder and ran the exe, worked just fine this way.

    Edit: file was i extracted.

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