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    PS3Vecx v0.5 - Vectrex PS3 Emulator WIP is Now Available

    Today Sdw has released a WIP version of PS3Vecx, a Vectrex PS3 emulator for the PlayStation 3 GameOS.

    Download: PS3Vecx v0.5 Vectrex PS3 Emulator WIP

    From the PS3Vecx ReadMe file: This is a port of the Vectrex emulator "vecx", by Valavan Manohararajah. Done using the PSL1GHT open SDK.

    Navigate the menus with d-pad, cross to select.

    In game:

    D-pad : Vectrex Joystick
    Square : Vectrex button 1
    Triangle : Vectrex button 2
    Cross : Vectrex button 3
    Circle : Vectrex button 4
    Start : Pause menu

    Since I couldn't get directory browsing working in PSL1GHT, I precompiled the emulator with a selection of old calssic and new homebrew ROMs.

    This is an early version, there is no sound support and probably some other bugs as well.

    PS3Vecx v0.5 - Vectrex PS3 Emulator WIP is Now Available

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    Awesome news, trying it out now!

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    this is awesome, had one of these as a kid.

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    It works, there are bugs of course. exiting to XMB restarted vsh, which means no more jailbreak.

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    Will it work on KaKaRoToKS 3.55 CFW?

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    will it work on the 3.55 cfw ?

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    No, right now this is just for JailBroken PS3 consoles not any of the CFW's.

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    Badass! The homebrew scene is slapping Sony in the nuts

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