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Thread: PS3UserCheat v1.0 PlayStation 3 Cheat Device is Reviewed

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    dekaspace Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
    But either way, your trophy card is a fake like your playing style. You actually earned nothing legitimately is what you've stated. By making games " more enjoyable ". You've taken a great deal of skill needed out of them. That is what the person you quoted was saying.

    But really at the end of the day. Who cares, not like the whole trophy leader board is not full of cheater's anyway, lol. Even the top leaders all have cheated trophy accounts. Game on!
    Wait wait you ware saying my trophy card is a fake despite all my trophys being legitimate?

    All "skill" is, is spending excessive time on a game which I don't have these days and I have been gaming since I was a toddler (25 years) so have completed many many more games legitimate over the years than you could imagine, I have put hours into a single game like completing FF7 without cheats when it was relased about 6 times and have all characters and gold chocobo level 99 etc, similar for 8 and 9, legit completed Breath Of Fire 3, 4, 5, Wild Arms 1-3, Vandal Hearts, Medal Of Honor 1 and 2 on PS1, Frontline on PS2 and Xbox, hundreds of C64 and Spectrum games, dozens of Mega Drive and Snes games quite a few PS3 and 360 games and loads of PS1, Saturn games etc(mostly RPGS as you can tell)

    So how is my playing style fake just because on some games I want to take the edge off some of the parts that cause most problems like GTA where a car getting damaged mid mission no matter how skilled you are (since you can't contol AI or where cars spawn) and mixed with that you take a corner to sharp so lose say a drive by and have to spend minutes going back to where mission started to attempt it again got anything to do with skill?

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    swatpup32 Guest
    Ugh.. I just hate to grind. Guess who has 9999999 gil in FF13 I must be the only that finds trophies rather gimmicky. Anyhow, I don't even have a psn account.

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    elser1 Guest
    I guess athletes could say the same.. ohh i only used steroids while training as i didnt have the time to put in to and wanted to become elite faster..i never used them in a real race..

    anyway i don't care what you do as long as i doesn't affect me.. i know my trophy card is 100% legit.. maybe that's why i'm only level 10 and not 25 LOL

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    lol, like I said, who cares. People will see things how they want anyway. That's why there's always two sides of the story. But to make it more of a yes or no. Do you alter, fix, change any games to suit your personal needs? Was the game intended to by played like that? Or did you make it so. Again, if that's how you need to play, then game on like I said.

    btw, gaming longer then you've been alive. So what's your point?

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    calvingsc Guest
    Well, don't be overly a fanboy. As long one enjoys his ps3 system, then let him be. I don't think it affect your life directly, does it?

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    Magicvuedoo Guest

    Each to his own...

    I'll admit. I am a game cheater, as attested by my brothers. I'll also admit. I really dont are about rating or trophy or what have you. I really dont care that Player A got gazillion trophy or that Player B got to be Master of THE GAME first or last.

    What I do care about is that I was able to enjoy the game without mad skills or that I was able to access all that the game has to offer without having to grind through it.

    I would like to think that I am a gamer but you know, I really dont understand why I have to play through multiple instance of the same games to get something that anybody should have been abe to get with one playthrough. Or that I must farm XP or money to get to the next area in a game. Let me give you an example:

    Dead Space - The medical area that spawn all those 'slashers' and whatnot with the regenerating thing that is trying to kill you while you run around killing the whatnot too? You cant proceed to the next level until you pass by killing all the spawn and staying alive long enough to do it. I, CANT, PASS, THAT, AREA. Period. I suck so much that even on the easiest setting, I can't pass it.

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - The whole flippen game. I just suck. No matter what I do, it feels as if I am just randomly hitting buttons in the hope that I kill them before they kill me. It takes the fun out of the game as it get more and more fustrating just because your gaming skill sucks.

    The older Resident Evil - Didn't matter how good or not you were, they were more interested in scaring you then in whether or not you had enough bullets to make it though the game. At least thats how it felt to me. I was more scared of when the next zombie is going to jump out at me then worry about whether or not I have enough bullets to do in the next wave of zombies.

    Basically, what I am trying to say is that not everyone is into trying to cheat other players out of their hard won effort and times to collect meaningless bragging rights to who have the biggest penis on the leader board. Some of us simply dont care that you have the time to grind through 6 or 7 playthrough of the same game just to get a get that coverted platnum trophy.

    Me, I just want to enjoy a game that while it might take some skills and effort, its not so hard that it is beyond my ability to play it. Whatever happens to games like NES Legend of Zelda? Sure it was hard at times, sure it was even fustrating at times but I enjoyed it because even a weekend gamer can beat it.

    I want RPG games that don't require me to farm xp or money. As long as I did what I was suppose to do, I should be strong enough to get to the next area. Of course, I want the side quest too but as an option. I shouldn't have to do it to get to the next area. No FFXIII though. That was just a very long movie that gave you the feeling that you were actually playing when all you were doing was what the movie wanted you to do anyhow.

    I want story base games like Dead Space to have an option to scare the crap out of me like Resident Evil yet at the same time, I dont have to worry about whether or not can I control the camera well enough to shoot at a whole crap of monster and worry about something that can't die stalking me in the same room.

    Number one reason why I want a cheat device? To enjoy the game without the stress of worrying about bullets, xp, money, upgrades, etc. I my opinion, a game is only as good as the story it tells. It doesnt matter to me how crappy the controls are. It doesnt matter how good the graphics are. Heck, it doesnt even matter to me if it is even a game or a movie pretending to be a game. All I want is to be entertain by pretending for a moment that I am that person in the game and it is my struggle and I want to see it to the end.

    Of course, replay value for me is non-existance either. Once I beat the game whether or not I cheat, I personally know how it turned out. I don't care to play it anymore. And before anyone gripes. Yes, I do play FPS games BUT only campaign single player mode. Why? Multiplayer is pointless for me. No goal except who can aim better and who got better reflex. Even cheating in it is no fun because unless you just want to be a total dick and shoot everyone out of the game, whats the point. If you just want to be a dick, there are better ways to annoy another player then to cheat.

    I know this post is long and rambling all over the place but I hope all you people out there who are saying, 'Death to the cheater!' understand a little now. Not all of us care about your precious trophy, rating, or even about braging to other people about how fast or even that we actually beat a certain game. We really don't care about going online to play with other people. We just want to escape this pain call life and live the life of our character for a little bit without having to worry about realism.

    Bring on the cheat devices. I cant wait.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Magicvuedoo View Post
    I'll admit. I am a game cheater, as attested by my brothers.
    I agree 100% with above. Most of the games novadays are basically crap - you can play through them in 2 to 3 hours usually and then WHAT? Not really a value for the money at all - "entertainment" in the lenght of a movie for 4 to 5 times more of the cost ... So - the gamemakers came with a "clever" solution - let's make last longer to implement some REALY hard trophies or endless and most of all TOTALLY boring grinding or lets gamers play the same levels in 10 different difficulties etc. IMO - that's CHEATING! Cheating customers of their money and most of all taking all the fun from the gaming Gaming should be a joy, fun, time off and not CHORE ...

    Nice example of the both endless griding as well as replying to the level you really start to HATE the game is the GT5 - all gold on all driver licenses is far beyond the treshold of the dedication I'd ever put in any game and I like GT5 otherwise and all the special events are simply "impossible" for me hence none of them is completed and never will be. Another good example how to spoil (I'd use MUCH stronger word here but as I was already told off several times here for using profanities I'd hold back this time) a good and enjoybale game are trophies in PAIN. There is simply no way I'm gonna spoil my joy to even try achieve any of those.

    In old good days of PS1 - you'd have a game lasting tens to hundreds hours easilly without any (or too much) grinding or replaying the same stupid piece of game again and again. And it was not about the graphics - it was about playibility and the atmosphere. One of my first two games on PS1 was the Kingsfiled IV and although it has pretty ugly graphics even for standards at the time is was SO captive I've spent months playing that game.

    I believe that we should be able to play and enjoy the game in ANY way we're pleased. If I've decide to have fun by drive in the racing gaming in the opposite direction and crash in all oncomming trafic - it's my decision. As long as it makes me happy who cares. If I decide to have loads of money and buy some uber powerfull weapon and blast away all the monsters / enemies for the fun - let be it. If I decide to cheat in the Oblivion and dupe thousands of wattermellons and dump them in the watter because it makes me happy so what? I don't care what others do to relax so whay should you?

    Frankly - I think the games should be supplied with a option to put the cheat codes by default directly from the gamemakers - this would actually IMO increase the sale of games. The good example here is the GTA IV - I personally have had MUCH more fun with the game by simply using the rocket launhcer to hide in the hospital lobby and blowing up the cops one after other then playing actual game. It's a easy and fair solution to offer fun to BOTH hardcore gamers as well as the causal ones. It even goes as far as dissabling trophies the moment you'll use the cheat to satisfy the trophies whoarders so no "damage" here either and this would actually cut down on "unofficial" cheating a lot as I'd hardly look for some other cheats if there will be the official ones included in the game already.

    So - bring back the old good days of "PEEKing and POKEing" (ZX Spectrum in case you don't know or remember) so we can ENJOY the gaming once again. And - to all the nay sayers - I don't care

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    What i am actually wondering: Who has a PS3Usercheat ??

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    elser1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
    btw, gaming longer then you've been alive. So what's your point?
    so you've been console gaming for more than 35 years.. did you invent your own console in 1976?

    ok you must know best then.. LOL

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    Magicvuedoo Guest
    I don't know about you guys, but I remember the old days of Zork and even futher back of nothings but text base rpg games on the old apples with what? The old Apple II with about 4k of RAM and nothing but a cassette tape and recorder for data storage.

    Even the Tandy TRS-80 running nothing but Tandy Basics. If you wanted to play a certain game, chances are, you had to manually entered the lines and lines of code by hand. God forbid if you were to entered a line incorrectly causing a sytax error... or bettter yet, set the volume control on the tape recorder too high or too low. GOD!

    So, I can believe someone telling me they have been gaming for ages. I've been gaming long enough to see it goes from text base to ascii graphics, from side scroller in to 3D in Wolfenstien 3D to current generation 3D that rival realism.

    And if you include gaming to mean also paper and pen type rpg, then you gotta remember the days before Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson wrote unifying and uniform codes so that all those guys playing seperately in their garage can now meet and play together and make new friends. The big difference was that the DM was not trying to kill you 24/7. If he was a good DM, he adjusted the game to suite the level of ability that a player can manage.

    Anyhow, how long you have been playing doesn't matter. Its how you have been playing that matters. Are you the serious type that take on gaming as a challange in life or are you like me, weekend warrior looking to have fun and escape reality for a bit? IMHO, the serious gamers are those that take the fun away from the game. So you can clear a level using nothing but your bare hand... whoopee. Bet it would be more fun to clear that same level using a rocket launcher.

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