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Thread: PS3UserCheat v1.0 PlayStation 3 Cheat Device is Reviewed

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    B4rtj4h Guest

    PS3UserCheat v1.0 PlayStation 3 Cheat Device is Reviewed

    Here is my review from the PS3UserCheat device which I got from for the PlayStation 3 console followed by a second detailed review (entitled Review #2) also posted below.

    Claims/Promises from PS3UserCheat producer:

    1. Support game rom without the genuine Blu-ray game CD. (true)
    2. Support AR cheat function, perfect effects include "infinite energy, the strongest equipment, never game over" (depends on game)
    3. 100% upgradeable, Compatible with all PS3 models - Fat and Slim. (true latest update 15th apr.)
    4. Onboard SLC NANDFLASH Memory of 128MB. (true, while 90 Mb is usable!)
    5. High speed 32 bit CPU processor clocked at 500MHz (true)
    6. Fully updatable via USB on your Windows PC using a very simple and intuitive process. (true, also mac but not all versions)
    7. A microSDHC slot is inbuilt which supports up to 32GB for future expansion. (true)
    8. Regularly updated to provide our users with the latest features at no extra cost. (true)
    9. Simple step-by-step guide available on the site will show you how to use and install CHT dongle and our support team will assist you with any problems you may encounter along the way. (true)
    10. Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive or the internal Hard Drive your PS3. (true)
    11. Playing games from HDD gives you loads of benefits, including faster loading times and reduced strain on the lens of the Bluray drive of your PS3. (true)
    As far as I can see all the promises are true. So let's get started!

    Shipping from the PS3UserCheat:

    Shipping was very quick! The package was delivered by UPC. There was no fancy envelope as I had with the PS3Break dongle (which I also reviewed here). As always it comes from Hong Kong (seems they have no problems at all with the earth quick etc.)

    The box was taped very tight and I needed a cutting tool to open it! Inside I found the package from the PS3UserCheat with the device inside.

    Shipping is normal, nothing special so 7/10.

    Package from the PS3UserCheat:

    The box looks very much like the box from the PS3break dongle. Only a little bigger. Its a hard cover box that provides enough protection for the dongle inside. (I even stepped on it exedentaly and it is still in 1 piece ).

    The inside is covered with some foam and that holds the PS3UserCheat at its place. A manual is not available so that's a minor (seems all these dongles lack a manual!)

    It gets a 6/10. Minor here is the lack of a manual (as always!)

    PS3UserCheat dongle itself:

    The device looks almost identical to the PS3 T-Break from the G-Team. The only thing that is missing are 2 leds on the cover. Also when the device is operational there are no led's burning to indicate it is working or not. If I insert it in my Windows computer I get the following result:

    New hardware found!
    Generic USB Hub - [x] Failed to install
    USB-Device for Mass-storage - [v] Ready for use
    XGAMER USB Device - [v] Ready for use
    XGAMER PS3 TF CARD USB Device - [v] Ready for use

    So 3 out of 4 are ready for use! After that a map opens from the dongle. If I see it correctly the memory size is 90 mb. So that's enough space for your cheats! If you find that not enough you can always insert an Micro SD card (max 32GB supported) for extra memory.

    Inside you will find a "CHT" folder. This is were you will put your cheats! Well... not really like a file or something but I will explain that later! The PS3UserCheat fits like a glove. No problems there. I tested this on a phat 60GB, 40GB and a Slim 320 Gb.

    8/10 - Looks like a PS3 T-Break dongle!

    How does it work and how to install cheats:

    As I already explained above this is not so difficult:

    1. Insert in in your windows computer (it also works on a mac but not on leopard)
    2. Go to the "CHT" folder
    3. You find these files:

    a. USBDIR (folder) This contains the cheats
    b. CHT.SFO (SFO-file) This is the Cheat program itself!
    c. ICON0 (PNG file) This is the Icon for in the XMB
    d. PIC1 (PNG file) This is the Wallpaper for in the XMB

    4. Open up USBDIR
    5. Open "cheatlist.txt" and add the cheats you have.

    The format of these cheats can be found on the internet. But you can also download them from their site posted above.

    If the steps up here are not clear on their site is also a simple step-by-step guide which will provide all the info you need!

    Also there is an games loader installed on it. I did not test this because I still use Dean's Multiman!

    9/10 - Working is ok!

    Technical information:

    Memory Size: 128 Mb NANDflash
    Usable memory: 90 Mb
    Expandable memory: Max 32Gb via TF card
    Usb speed: Hispeed USB 2.0


    It's definitely unique, but there is already a software solution made also though.

    Review math: 7 + 6 + 8 + 9 = 30

    30 / 40 * 100% = 75 total score.

    It's a nice product for the PlayStation 3.

    Review #2: PS3UserCheat Evaluation

    Preface: Nowadays, fast-food culture has been deeply rooted among the people. Are you still boring by RPG game "experienced class" played on PS3? Are your still struggling between limited time and amount of new games emerging monthly? If you don't know that there is an cheat dongle device working on PS3, it will just show that you're really out. The author like to play games with cheating device since PS2 age, so i would never miss any relevant products in PS3 age.

    Now the players seem to have forgotten about the jailbreak device with the appearance of 3.55 CFW. As all the jailbreak device gave up PS3 platform, a product named PS3usercheat device attracted my attention. For the fanatical pursuit of technology, the ps3usercheat team released a unique global cheating device for 3.55 CFW, and infuses the vigor for it. As we know, there are hundreds of games running with 3.55 CFW perfectly, I believe it is an attractive product if it supports cheating in games. I got a sample from the manufacturer through email.

    Appearance: After unpacking, the product showed up with a simple appearance without any accessories. It is notable that the product is relatively big in size. There is no pointless decoration in the packaging and the manufacturer prefers to put the powerful function and the hardware features as the top priority. Open the ps3usercheat's shell, you will see an independent CPU on the PCB, the powerful function is because of it.

    Update & Main function: A good product after service rely on the perfect technology, the official website can give you just about anything you want. First, update the code file in ps3usercheat and the next step is to understand the product descriptions.

    1: Database update - Go to the official Web site ( to download the latest “cheatlist.dat” and overwrite the same file. Note that you must insert a TF card to the dongle, and then the computer can identify U disk of the dongle, otherwise, the PC will show a message up saying “The system has found an unknow device”, so a text file giving details should be in the download package or else new players feel at a loss.

    2: Install management software on PS3 - The official website offers two version of management software. According to my using experience, i will illustrate some of the differences between the two briefly.

    This a recommended version by officials. My understanding is:

    Advantage 1: This version has a good compatibility but without game loading function.The player need load the games with a third-party management software like MM,GM and so on. That would avoid the limitations of the full version. For instance, some games need to be in P mode or be loaded in such “SELECT + X” way, only best muliman has this function at present.

    Advantage 2: According to my experience, some games with different versions have the same cheating codes. That means European version can use the code of U.S. version . For example, there is only the code of European version in the code library but no code of U.S. version, now, we can use this lite version to make a cross selection manually, but make sure two version has the same version number, similar to: BLJM601999 01.03

    Of course, it has advantage but also brought Shortness, you must do an extra step with the lite version.

    MultiMAN: loading game - back to XMB after loaded - start CU in XMB - select cheating options and press “start” back to XMB - start game from app_home/PS3_GAME/(Diskless Mode),or from the Blu-ray disc icon (leading mode)

    Conclusion: It may be especially well suited for those who have amount of games and like the study.


    Advantage: By definition, this version integrate the function of leading games, easy, quick and simple. Enter CU and open the cheating options after select the games and press “start” - back to XMB - enter the game from app_home/PS3_GAME/( Diskless Mode)or from the Blu-ray disc icon (leading mode)

    Shortness: You cannot choose the cheating code by yourself and it can not load some games need particular mode and it is very demanding to recognize the games code.

    Conclusion: It may be especially well suited for those who have a few of the games and not familiar with the products.

    PlayTest: Now, Let’s focus on testing the cheating codes with the ps3usercheat product. I have more than 20 classic games, but because of the time limit, i chosen parts of the classic games for the test.

    Test Circumstance: Play Station 3: HK 160G
    SYSTEM: CFW 3.55 Kmeaw
    Code library: version2.0
    Code unique Version: lite + full version

    The results:

    Below are the games running properly:
    • FINAL FANTASY XIII Version BCAS25005 01.00

    • GOD OF WAR3 ASIA Version BCAS25003 01.00

    • Call of Duty : Black Ops Version BLES01031 01.00

    • Tales of Graces F Version BLJS10093 01.00

    • YAKUZA OF THE END Version BLJM60316 01.02

    • Two Worlds II Version BLES00845 01.02

    • Tomb Raider Underworld Version BLUS30224 01.01

    • Bayonetta Version BLJM60174 01.00

    • Dead Rising 2 EU Version BLES00948 01.00

    • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Version ASIA BLAS50160 01.00

    • Dead Space 2 Version BLES01040 01.01

    Below is the games not running properly, the official reason for these errors was that the cheating codes of the individual games are invalid working with 3.55 CFW because these codes were grabbed in 3.41 OFW. If find similar errors in the games, feed back information to the officials, they will re-grab these codes step by step.
    • COD4 - Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Version BLJS10013 01.00

    • Call of Duty 5 World at War Version BLUS30192 01.01

    Time is short, I didn’t test more games. So far as a product is concerned, its powerful features is to rely on the hardware, a well-designed hardware can provide a good basic platform, cheating code is the first vitality of the products and the accumulation of new code is a process for gradual perfection, that is “Constant dropping wears away the stone”.

    The official released an introduction said ps3usercheat use “the grabing dynamic code technology” so that the codes are quite gold content. For instance, inFamous 2, Resistance 2, L.A noire and so on. Meanwhile, according to the frequency of updates it can maintain a good state, lifting of the user's worries. There are some shortness in the ps3usercheat, but no man is perfect, products as well.

    Such as database named, ranging and searching is not enough norms, the UI is less than attractive enough and inconvenient usage of the CU software, no matter whether you are rookie or veteran, you need time to familiar with it. With gradual perfection of code library and the improvement of techniques, ps3usercheat will give us a big surprise.

    Feature Comparison Table - between software and ps3usercheat:

    Software methods - Defects of popular software - Advantage of ps3usercheat

    Use PS3 Cxx Enable tools - Complex and need stronger and professional technical ability - PnP, no manually modification

    Modify EBOOT MOD - Complex and can not modify the codes of RAM - Easy to update, support dynamic code technology

    Use saved games of different players - incompatible between the saves and not all saves can be exchanged - business operation, updated quickly

    Speaking from experience:

    (1) First, make sure there is no problem with a third-party software loading the games perfectly before you use ps3usercheat.
    (2) Make sure the two version must be identical, one version is the game itself, another is in the database, such as “BLJM60126,BLUS30224” in the database.(Including the updates in the late game, like 1.0.X)
    (3) To activate some cheating options, you must press a certain key or combination of keys in the game, such as press ”SELECT”,”L1+L2”, you will see a tip showing a key combination, so must be careful, otherwise, the cheating code won’t be activated.
    (4) If the game got stuck unexpected or a black screen after you press “START” in CU. I'd also advise you to turn off general power switch for freeing memory.

    The end: As a first global cheating device for 3.55 CFW, the ps3usercheat team with technology as the guide, and put the player’s feeling as a core business philosophy, plus a comprehensive cost-effective performance, it is a best choice for those who like fast-food culture. And it is quite conceivable that the ps3usercheat will give us more and better functions with the ps3usercheat team support.

    [imglink=|PS3UserCheat v1.0 PlayStation 3 Cheat Device is Reviewed][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Cheers for sharing the review B4rtj4h, I have added it to our PS3 Reviews page also now and +Rep!

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    elser1 Guest
    good review mate..

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    shummyr Guest
    great review!

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    swatpup32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    8. Regularly updated to provide our users with the latest features at no extra cost. (true)
    True, but they don't do any of the hacking themselves, but rather take without credit from codemasters-project and/or the codefreak team.

    Still nice review!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    It's definitely unique, but there is already a software solution made also though.
    Yeah but only on PC so far - not directly on PS3 so it's still a bit fiddly to "poke/peek" ... hopefully dean will look into this and maybe we'll get a nice update of MultiMAN with such functionality

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    elser1 Guest
    as i've stated before i don't like these type of "tools for no skill gamers" but i just hope theres no trophy support for this.. that's the only way the device could affect me.. cheats at higher psn level than non cheats.

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    HieiYYH Guest
    these guys are just stealing codes from the hackers all around the net... they can't hack. I think you're just wasting your money on this.

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    dekaspace Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    as i've stated before i don't like these type of "tools for no skill gamers" but i just hope theres no trophy support for this.. that's the only way the device could affect me.. cheats at higher psn level than non cheats.
    Why is it a "tool for no skill gamers" I use cheats myself on games to make it more enjoyable or to save time such as a crazy taxi game removing time limit so I can go on almost endlessly, or on a fighting game so I dont have to complete it time and time again just to unlock an extra colour or new character when I can do that at first without the excessive time.

    I do sometimes use them for rpgs so I dont have to grind for a hour to go a tiny bit further in the game and also so I can shut off random battles so I am not attacked every few steps.

    Or on GTA games on PS2 so I disable car damage and can get all weapons at start of game. So all of my experiences are NOTHING to do with skill its about time consumption.

    I would never use it in a fighting game even offline with inf hp or something as that just becomes boring and have no interest in cheating in online games.

    Dont let the well known Modern Warfare hackers twist your mind to think anyone who uses cheats is the same.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    But either way, your trophy card is a fake like your playing style. You actually earned nothing legitimately is what you've stated. By making games " more enjoyable ". You've taken a great deal of skill needed out of them. That is what the person you quoted was saying.

    But really at the end of the day. Who cares, not like the whole trophy leader board is not full of cheater's anyway, lol. Even the top leaders all have cheated trophy accounts. Game on!

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