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    Oct 2007
    Guys i make a guide for those who can't yet play and they have black screen here is the link:

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    Feb 2008
    PL3 with PAL PS3,
    ext. HDD 80 gig
    works fine now!

    PAL GTA 1 - 60 FPS+ (fast) - No Music but SFX
    PAL Pandemonium - Black Screen & Fast Music -Not Working
    NTSC Resident Evil BLACK SCREEN - Maybe cus mine is a PAL machine?

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    i couldn't get it to work either, then i switched to pl3psn 3.50 spoof dev, and added in image files for the bins. so what helped, not positive, assuming was payload but buh.. ntsc machine, fired up a euro copy of medal of honor ok. some glitches with sound but it ran. we are spoiled with the games today. talk about pixelation.

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    Here's the bios files for different regions and versions. I don't have all of them, sorry.

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    Feb 2007
    I tried it with my ipod 1g, and it black screened my ps3 (and consequently froze it), so now I'm not sure what's going on.

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    Oct 2010

    You do have psfreedom 1.1 Zaxtron Front End installed and are using the peek and poke payload? That's what worked for me

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    Nov 2007
    Okay, I got mine working. Mine is a 60gb ps3 with the hermes spoof. I couldn't use mds (mdf?) files, but when I tried iso, it worked. However, the framerate is way too fast on just the opening cinematics with Vagrant Story. Also, is there a way to remove the PS3SX text from the top of the screen?

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    ok now work with ipod nano 1g hermesv4b psn spoof.

    but i try to start

    gundam battle master 2 usa NOT WORK
    Dondon pachi NOT WORK

    I have a dubt. If my iso is a japanese iso, i will use japanese bios? can i copy all bios on bios directory??emulator select correct from directory?

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    Dec 2009
    I just tested Twisted Metal 2 and it works fine, no glitches at all! NTSC version.

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    Jan 2006
    Tried it your way and still getting a black screen.

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