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Thread: PS3SX - PSX Emulator PCSX Port for PS3 is Now Available!

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    morrisz Guest
    As far as i know Zaxtron Front End is only available for ipod touch 1g and iphone 2g/3g.

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Guess this is still a little rough around the edges then. Still, shows a lot of promise

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    Fusseltuch Guest
    Maybe it's a problem with the attached bios file ? There are differences between NTSC and PAL. Maybe that'll solve some issues.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Mine is PAL and its Black Screen Hermes 4b Minmus V1.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by solrac1974 View Post
    Great news! Who needs GT5? Let's play GT1 and GT2, if you get a little drunk they will look almost the same!
    LMAO! haha
    Quote Originally Posted by djdavedoc View Post
    Must be the payload we are using. Tried this on my 60GB PS3 running 3.41 and using my PIC18XXF USB Board. Using Hermes v4b with PSN (doesn't work) and it black screens even when taking the PIC Board out and putting the USB HDD in. I have the correct directory Structure and BIOS file but it black screens and doesnt look like its even trying to read from my USB HDD. Nice idea though...
    I have the same board as you, try to flash it with PL3 PSN DEV that has the peek and poke. I tried the latest Hermes V4B Spoof 3.50 and it worked fine too, but PL3 DEV should work for you.

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    Fusseltuch Guest

    See that's MAYBE the problem, because the attached BIOS in the first post should be NTSC, iirc. Maybe i can attach a PAL-Version

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    Beaps73 Guest
    Used hermesv4b spoofed firmware & it never worked. Then tried using hermesv4b non-spoofed firmware and it worked!

    Turned off the console, went to load it again black screen and it dont work?

    Tried rebooting and starting over about 10 times still dont work, over for this version I think. I will wait till one comes out that is more stable.

    Good work to the Dev team though....

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    Fusseltuch Guest
    Here you have the SCPH7502-BIOS which is PAL Hope it'll solve the problems.

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    Steelman1 Guest
    Anyone have a sound in Metal Gear Solid?

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    aj792 Guest


    my setup:

    60GB launch (U.S.)
    hermes 3.50 spoof
    external 1TB HDD (with folders residing on the root of the HDD)
    capped the scph1001.bin to SCPH1001.bin

    wasn't working at first but now it is! tested Castelvania SOTN (flawless)

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