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    Quote Originally Posted by shuttsies View Post
    awesome excuse to play ffvii again.
    You read my mind time to get all my playstation games out and rip em to the hdd.

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    Just to add guys, I have now tried this with a Basic 8GB USB Stick with the directory structure in place. Verified that the PS3 was picking it up as DEVUSB000 which the is mentioned in the Emulator Rar file. No joy still, black screens and just hangs.

    Hermes V4b with Spoofing for PSN is the HEX im using on my PICF18XX Board. Id imagine we may need to use a more basic Payload and try again but everything else I use works so I guess ill just wait it out until this works conclusively.

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    Hermes v4b here (psfreedom port) on a HTC Dream tried it like a dozen times in different slots and with HDD plugged in, HDMI vs. AV cables and all it does is black screen and hang. only way out is flipping the power switch. anyone having any luck i was all set to play some FF VII before work today and nada. are there anymore specifics that we should know about from those who have it working?

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    Guys i tried with ple psn spoof and psgroove-all-no-unauth-syscall in all usb ports in 60gb console and with many ways still no luck!! why?

    any help?

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    I believe the best thing right now is that everyone who got it working posts the payload, the jailbreak device and (if any) changes needed to make it work.

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    tested on ipod nano 1g, hermesv4b + spoof+ psn black screen.

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    From what i can gather from the posts it seems hermes v4b isn't compatible with the software. Maybe when the next version comes out it will have a broader range of compatibility. Its not really a big thing being i can just pop the disk in and play either way.

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    Got it working now with ipod touch with

    PSFreedom 1.1 Zaxtron Front End
    peek and poke payload

    I first tried other payloads but those just returned me to the xmb, then i tried changing the files with uppercase letters - with the same result.

    When i tried the peek and poke payload it got a black screen (forgot to put the usb stick in) so i tried again with the stick in when it booted to a black screen again. After that i reverted all the changes i made to the files changing everything back to the original lowercase letters.

    Then it worked.

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    Can you attach the PSFreedom 1.1 Zaxtron Front End for ipod nano 1g??

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    hermesv4b spoofed firmware:

    crash bandicoot 3 warped. booted, i even could play with it. on the 2. level a lot of textures didnt appear correctly so i couldn't go further since i always died. (sounds played faster than normal, and some animations too )( some polygons are invisible, or you can see throught it.)

    crash team racing is freezing after sony computer entertainment title.

    with hdmi cable, and my files were in .bin .cue format, on my external HDD.

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