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Thread: PS3SX - PSX Emulator PCSX Port for PS3 is Now Available!

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    Enigma Hall Guest
    well, another tip. For those have started the emulator but not worked anymore. Try press left 3 times one after you start emulator, another when black screen flashs charging and one some time after (4 sec).

    Then wait a moment to see if works.

    I played my bust a move 2 (lova bust a move), the ritm gone weird sometimes(all times) but is playable.
    And Chocobo Racing, that poor game run 100% good -_- ouch.
    Metal gear works faster but a little playable with crashs on movies. bypass with x buttton.

    Was funny try this test release. Waiting for the full one, hehehe.

    Enigma Hall

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    clouduzz Guest
    well i was hoping to try this but all i get is black screen hopefully a stable release comes out soon. doesn't even load for me..

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    zzk2001 Guest
    WOW after all the fixes that have been said this easy 3 lefts WORKED!!! Nice one man +rep for you.

    BTW: MegaMan X4 crashed at "Now Loading" Screen.

    Edit: I may want to add that i placed both the SCPH101.BIN and SCPH1001.BIN bios in the bios folder as well So that may have added to me getting it to work.

    Note: make sure they are named SCPH101.BIN and SCPH1001.BIN

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    ps3slaagg Guest
    hi guys,

    i have AT90usb162 flashed with hermes-4b_psn_3.50spoof. the first time i loaded this up i got to the rom selection screen then ps3 froze. now all i get is a black screen and ps3 freeze needs power off and on again

    i have bio's in correct case UPPER.lower

    please help if possible, cheers guys and seasons greeting to you all.

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    JJZurry Guest
    I been having the same problem, black screen. i will try the 3 left method.

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    g0nned Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Hey guys. Here is the only way i got this promising emulator to run.

    Hardware: PS3 Slim 120GB (my launch fat died) and 500gb External USB on the rightmost USB port.

    Payload: the ONLY one that works for me was Hermes4b. (Plain and simple Hermes, no spoof, no evilchunk or sperm) on EcliPS3 dongle in leftmost USB port.

    Folders: ALL THE FOLDERS and FILES i renamed to lowercase. (bios, mc and psxrom)

    Procedure: Execute the normal boot pushing power and right after the beep eject. Wait until the XMB appear, disconnect the dongle. Insert in the HDD in the rightmost USB port (labeled USB000 in Multiman). Start the emulator and enjoy.

    Notice: When i say rightmost or leftmost its with the PS3 facing me in the front not looking behind the PS3. I hope you guys understand me

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    FMAranda Guest
    This is funny, on my PS3 Fat 80GB i can put on any USB port, with or without jb dongle, Hermes or PL3 and it works the same way.

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    g0nned Guest
    Yeah it's funny, i just tried to started in other USB port but no go. This is the only method that this version works on my hardware.

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    hawk188 Guest
    G'day all,

    I'm awake and got this damn thing to work in the end. I got a AT90USB162 flashed with udip 16mhz hermesv4b 3.50 spoof.hex and that did the trick. I tried every hex I've got available and this is the only one that'll work for me anyway... which made me wonder it must have someting to do with the PL. I used SCPH1001.bin and so far have tried YEAAAA, Crash Bandicoot and CTR and they both worked. Tekken 2 (SCES-00255) however is all glitchy and not playable. I used imgburn and ISO format which I prefer ...

    Also, again for me anyway - It didn't matter where I put the dongle and USB stick. I got mine booting up on left and Excternal USB on left and that worked. Tried putting on right the USB after booting and removing the JB , and that worked too...

    Hope this helps someone and many thanks again for the suggestions and help Devil and PS3News !! You guys are just awesome... Cheers

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    zzk2001 Guest

    my thoughts

    Well after all that trouble of getting this to work not 1 game that i like works on it LOL so for now i'll keep my eye on it and hope the guy or girl who made this will keep updating it and fixing it, Having a PSX or even a PS2 Emu on ps3 running at 100% would be so sweet and make a lot of slim owners very happy and even us Fat users as not all Ps1/ps2 games work on Fat Ps3's

    BUT.. what i really wish every night for is that someone would work on a GOOD Homebrew media player like a XBMC port , Now that would be sweet and would make my Ps3 the best thing in the world.

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