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    Still, it is likely the PS Jailbreak team/person spent tens of thousands of dollars or more buying the original jig key from someone at a Sony repair center who themselves risked their job and livelyhood in selling it. They do deserve to have some return on their investment, and without it, the scene would still be moving at a snail's pace.

    It doesn't really seem fair to support a clone whose company didn't really do much but buy a PS Jailbreak and duplicate it. But then again $129 is a bit much for a device that will likely be patched in the next firmware update...

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    Indeed, everyone has their own opinion on this I'm sure... for me, it's simply whichever solution is the cheapest (or better yet, 100% free ) and works is the most likely to catch on with the masses.

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    Ps4 will never be hacked I bet! Ps3 was hard enough I bet sony is working on fixing this hack to prevent more owners from using it... but stiil I cannot waitg for a free solution!

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    I'm still hestitating to update to 3.41 because I still have Otheros.. I think I should just update because I don't use Otheros...

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    Does anyone have a date on when any of these jailbreaks come out?

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    The PS3Stinger claims theirs will arrive around September 15, the x3JailBreak are shipping samples to sites for testing so no retail date yet on those, the PS3Key is slated for October and the PS JailBreak are supposed to begin their launch next week.

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    nice perfect timing for the bday. the offical jailbreak is the ps3 jailbreak correct?

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    Yep, the PS JailBreak is the official/first one that was ever announced... it's believed the others are just clones of it.

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    I just realised that I could ask for one of these for Chirstmas. As long as someone is selling on at least Ebay, my parents would try to buy it if its what I asked for.

    The reason I say ebay is that they buy things off of ebay, but never like random sites (to them, any mod chip site is random)

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    Yeah same here, plus a lot of those sites look very cheap.


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