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Thread: PS3SaveUnlocker - PS3 Game Save Unlocker Homebrew App

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Anticleric View Post
    I've just been poking around some of my save dumps. I think this might only work with games that store all of the user data in the SFO file. Most games also have a PARAM.PFD file as well as a separate file for the main save data(which could also store user info).

    So, it looks like we're out of luck for more complex saves. Anyone working on a simple decrypter / encrypter so we can hack the save files and get some extra health?
    Exactly. Final Fantasy 13 is one of these over secure games. The thing is it's port on Xbox360 is not secure at all.

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    tonybologna Guest
    This looks promising. I've been creating saves on HDD to match offline saves. I then was over-writing all files except for the PARAM.SFO file. This works almost the same.

    What we need is a PS3 file resigner. Like we have for the 360 in Modio. I guess an app like this would be okay too if it can handle saves of all different types. It's too much of a pain to deal with getting offline saves to work right now. Hopefully, more will come out if this application or an actual PS3 file resigner.

    Quote Originally Posted by MODERNTHIS View Post
    Ok i know this is better than to use the param.sfo app just released.

    Step 1. Install Rebug1.01
    Step 2. Install the Second debug menu
    Step 3. Turn on the "Fake Save Data Owner" option and every save game you load will be made yours but i don't recommend turning it off.
    But, we need an option for save files in retail mode more than Debug mode. Not nearly as many users install/use Debug FW. The user base for FW is on retail for the most part and that's the area we need in regards to a save unlocker/resigner.

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    Blackotoo Guest
    You can backup locked save games. Just FTP into the PS3 and transfer them to your PC. A little info on how this works.

    When you transfer save games via FTP from your PC to your PS3 they won't show up on the XMB.

    Now technically there's no way to copy them back to the PS3 via the Copy function on the XMB as it will give you the "This file is copy protected error" but the way around that is start a new game and create a save file so that it is now shown on the XMB, then transfer the copy protected save file via FTP to your PS3 overwriting that new save you created then you're all set.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Hmm... usability isn't the biggest step you took in mind when developing this app :P. there are 2 load buttons haha ^^. (sorry just received my Usability book for high school... Juck 250 pages PURE text )

    Anyways. Savegames that are copy protected... can they be copied with this as well ?

    EDIT: lol i just read the post above me ... don't mind answering again

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    manboo8000 Guest
    hi, can somebody give me his savegame from "split second velocity"? I play this game only sometimes with my friend and i haven't got the time to unlock everything. Thx.

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    xyrus02 Guest
    just what i need, after my naruto ninja storm 2 game save froze at autosaving and got corrupted and i had to back to start again, it will save me some time. i hope it will work for naruto ninja storm 2.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Useless, sorry ! Just create your own savegame from the game and get it via FTP. Copy everything from the other savegame over yours, except the PARAM.SFO and it works. The PARAM.SFO must be your own, the PARAM.PFD and the other stuff can be created from other persons.

    Like written above, FTP method > this app !

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    Brenza Guest

    but i wish it won't be useful to hack trophies..

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    tonybologna Guest
    Exactly what I stated from my previous post quoted here: "I've been creating saves on HDD to match offline saves. I then was over-writing all files except for the PARAM.SFO file. This works almost the same."

    This is what I've been doing for a while now. However, the only way this will work for me is if the saves match exactly in name. If you create a save on HDD and the offline save doesn't match in name it will not work.

    There needs to be a better solution for this. Why should we be limited to making matching names to over-write saves? Why not have something like the Modio application for the 360?

    Resign the save to your profile and off you go. Much easier and no need for so much trouble. A PS3 file resigner would be a much better option. It's time for one of these applications for the PS3. The 360 save resigners have been around a good while now. It's time for one on the good ol' PS3.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I wrote it also in an other thread a day before, but nevermind. This method also works for every region. Means, use NTSC save from other guy with your PARAM.SFO PAL, no problems here.

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