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Thread: PS3Pong v0.1 Homebrew Game and PSN Demo Installer Arrives

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    Drunk Vegan Guest
    Thanks for the Pong. People are never very appreciative of it when it first comes out, but they should understand that the early homebrews are a necessary step, trailblazing the path towards the really epic games and apps. Thanks for showing how easily code can be created for the PS3, hopefully it will encourage many others to join in coding PS3 homebrew.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I've tested about 10 games i downloaded from the Retail PSN Links page and all of them want me to go on PSN for activation. It appears full game pkg files are not working at this time.

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    enohand Guest
    ohh nice, can't wait to start seeing some emulators..

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    asp28 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by enohand View Post
    ohh nice, can't wait to start seeing some emulators..
    Yes, Yes emulators like mame with full power of PS3... it would be nice

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I have successfully installed Everyday Shooter FULL "Debug" pkg. Copied to USB Drive and installed via Install Package Files folder on ps3. Gonna test a few more Full Game Debug pkg's & see how it goes. Will post results here soon. BTW i am using a TI-84 Plus to do jailbreak.

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    Field Guest
    Just a quick thought. So the retail PKG don't install due to them wanting to be authorized with PSN, yet the debug pkg do install. Do debug consoles normally need to be connected to PSN to download the apps/games. Just thinking out loud lol

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    So if debug pkg's work & retail do not, hopefully PkgView will be updated soon & allow for retail pkg's to be converted to debug. Seems like a solid theory but im only a end-user, what do i know? lol

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    ricopico Guest
    Retail pkg's are signed with sony's keys, and not even the sdk will be able to unpack them. Debug pkg file's will work, but then again they can be installed via the 'install package' part of the jailbrake. This tool doesn't appear to be very helpful at the moment.

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    fldash Guest
    Can this install game patches and actually make them work with the games? Has anyone tried that?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    One of the first games in the PC area and the first on PS3 homebrew !

    Very nice - things it looks crazy on an big HD TV.

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