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    PS3Payload Downloader WIP Project Started, Release Incoming

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    Today DanyL has announced at PSX-Scene (linked above) that he has started work on a PS3Payload Downloader project, and although it is currently a WIP he states a release will be incoming as soon as work is completed.

    To quote: I'm happy to announce a new project I'm working on, called PS3Payload Downloader.

    It's a program that gathers all the payloads for all the platforms (rockbox, teensy, psfreedom and so on) in one place and allow you to download them.

    As all my other projects - it's an open source. I'll release the source in github when I'll finish working on it.

    Most of the programming is done, what I still need to do it:

    - Improve search engine
    - Improve GUI - Done
    - Create a Logo - Done
    - Create an updater - Done

    Server side:

    - List and upload all the payloads (Uploaded and listed = 76 payloads)

    PS3Payload Downloader WIP Project Started, Release Incoming

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    Thanks for the good news.

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    Good news, i hope that it supports PIC boards.

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    A reall big collection of psgroove codes. Highly useable in this days.

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    Oh yes, this will be a really cool tool. I would had coded it weks ago, if I could programming.

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    This is awesome. It will come in handy to have all payloads at one place, rather than go around hunting.

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    nice work , hope it has dingoo support.

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    What a great addition to the scene, it was a great idea and very convienent Rep!

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    That's just brilliant. I thank you a lot!!

    ps: it would be really cool if you could give on mouse-over some details (features) for each payload.

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    Thanks, this is very useful.. great idea.


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