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    PS3MrEnigma Releases PS3 Tool to Test Model Version Data

    Following up on his previous work, this weekend Spanish PS3 developer PS3MrEnigma has released source code for a PS3 tool that can be used to test and obtain model version data (20/40/60/80 etc) on various PlayStation 3 systems.

    Download: PS3 Tool to Test Model Version Data PKG And Source Code

    To quote, roughly translated: "In this post I introduce a small tool that will allow us to know more about the model of our machines.

    The usefulness of this tool is simply to show on screen the data returned by the SYSCALL 0 363 with the parameter 0 19004 to get the model and submodel, make that application to accurately check all machines possible that the data. We returned in byte 5 and byte 7 always correspond in the case of same model and submodel machine.

    Bearing in mind that I could only have access to 4 machines when performing the post explaining the SYSCALL 0 363 , which is why as many people can give their feedback or report on the blog with the data and specifying what type of machine has (Slim or Phat, and submodel (60, 40, etc)) together with the data we created the tool would be easier to collate the data accurately.

    That is why tod @ s @ s Those who want to work, please inform the blog of your results as you have enough reports will update the post of SYSCALL 0 363 with more information or more accurate information and clear.

    As the program is done with the SDK, not being able to post the binary posting the SRC of the application for the compile is with your SDK and in your development environment.

    Thanks so much for your cooperation, the more information you can get better for the whole SCENE

    Un saludo Greetings"

    From Jon Salat on the blog comments: CECHA12 - Retail / Asia (Hong Kong) / 60GB launch model (Full BC/Memory Card Slots/WIFI)

    Byte 4 (Type);

    0x81 = Reference Tool
    0x82 = Debug
    0x83 = Retail Japan (00)
    0x84 = Retail USA (01)
    0x85 = Retail Europe (04)
    0x86 = ???
    0x87 = Retail UK (03)
    0x88 = ???
    0x89 = Kiosk Australia (Don't know if retail (02) is the same)
    0x8A = ???
    0x8B = ???
    0x8C = ???
    0x8D = ???
    0x8E = Retail Hong Kong (12)

    These are the different retail regions, so if anyone has a PS3 from one of these that we don't know byte 4 for, please post.

    00 Japan (DVD:2/BD:A/PS:JPN)
    01 USA/Canada (DVD:1/BD:A/PS:USA)
    02 Australia/New Zealand (DVD:4/BD:B/PS:EUR)
    03 UK/Ireland (DVD:2/BD:B/PS:EUR)
    04 Europe/Middle East/South Africa (DVD:2/BD:B/PS:EUR)
    05 Korea (DVD:3/BD:A/PS:JPN)
    06 Southeast Asia (DVD:3/BD:A/PS:JPN)
    07 Taiwan (DVD:3/BD:A/PS:JPN)
    08 Russia/India (DVD:5/BD:C/PS:EUR)
    11 Latin America (DVD:4/BD:A/PS:USA)
    12 Hong Kong (DVD:3/BD:A/PS:JPN)

    Byte 6 (Mobo revision) I think;

    0x1 = CECHA (60GB Full PS2) - COK-001 + Memcard Daughterboard
    0x2 = CECHB (20GB Full PS2) - COK-001
    0x3 = CECHC (60GB Partial PS2) - COK-002 + Memcard Daughterboard
    0x4 = CECHE (80GB Partial PS2) - COK-002W + Memcard Daughterboard
    0x5 = CECHG (40GB No PS2) - SEM-001
    0x6 = CECHH (40GB No PS2) - DIA-001
    0x7 = CECHJ / CECHK (40GB/80GB No PS2) - DIA-002
    0x8 = CECHL / CECHM / CECHP / CECHQ (80GB/160GB No PS2) - VER-001
    0x9 = CECH20A / CECH20B (120GB/250GB Slim) - DYN-001
    0xA = CECH21A / CECH21B (120GB/250GB Slim) - SUR-001
    0xB = CECH25A / CECH25B (160GB/320GB Slim)

    Byte 8 (BD Drive/FW? Maybe, but not sure at all) I guess;

    0x4 = KES-400 (Single Lens SACD) CECHA-CECHE / CECHH
    0x1 = KES-410 (Single Lens no SACD) CECHG
    0x5 = KES-450 (Dual Lens no SACD) CECHH+

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    evilsperm Guest
    Would have been nice if he included the make file...

    I guess I'll get to work on one sometime tomorrow night when I get a chance after work then release the compiled app.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Good stuff for Devs, the more the better! I will test it when a compiled version comes out.

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    Would have been nice if he included the make file...

    I guess I'll get to work on one sometime tomorrow night when I get a chance after work then release the compiled app.
    I have now updated the first post with a new zip from user that includes the make and PKG file.

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