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Thread: PS3MrEnigma Explains Mount Alejandro PS3 Dev Flash Homebrew

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    PS3MrEnigma Explains Mount Alejandro PS3 Dev Flash Homebrew

    A few days back we reported on Mount Alejandro PS3 Dev Flash Homebrew by Spanish developers JaiCraB and ps3mrenigma, and today ps3mrenigma has explained it in further detail on his blog (linked above).

    To quote, roughly translated: First of all, apologize for making this post nearly a week after the appearance of the application, :(

    Unfortunately I have the time to update the blog as I wanted, but nevertheless, better late than never, :)

    I want to thank all those who have had words of thanks to the program, I am pleased to see that it was well accepted.

    Although I could not help but read some comments that came a few days ago and that made me laugh, lack of knowledge by giving statements without really knowing how the application.

    That is why what has happened to answer some questions that might exist.

    A. Do you use 'Alexander' some unknown exploit?

    The answer is NO. The method that uses 'Alexander' to perform its function is very simple, there is nothing magical nor is it an exploit, as I read, still laughing a while ago of some user.

    While exploits in the PS3 know, none of them is used in 'Alexander', are not necessary in this case.

    B. I have a version that does a spoof version of the firmware, will I be prevented from using 'Alexander'?

    YES. 'Alexander' in his first check which version is running on firmware 3.41.

    Unfortunately the payload to make spoof modify the same point 'Alexander' checks, so in those cases, logically, will block its use.

    In case you want to avoid this spoof, I put here an example of how, in a few seconds to avoid having to change the payload, only the change will remain active until you undo or restart the machine:

    - With Awesome Peek / Poke, go to the address 0x2D7586 and put the following value 0 8534. This is just one example of how easy it is to change the version in the machine, :)

    The change will NOT be applied in the XMB, since the VSH stays resident and already grabbed the initial starting value spoofed by the payload, but 'Alexander' if you will read the correct value and I work.

    C. I can use 'Alexander' on a machine debug / reftool?

    While the application could run on those machines, is not guaranteed. Other than that, 'Alexander' checks the machine model, and in the case

    you detect a pattern other than Retail, will report that is not supported. 'Alexander' was done with the machines Retail in mind, are those which, logically, most users have.

    D. Are the changes using 'dev_Alejandro' are permanent on the machine? Will we survive the reboot?

    Although this response is late and logically, :( , The answer is yes.

    It was fun to watch as it was argued at first that they were not permanent changes, only to discover that if, as I read of some users.

    As such, logically FINAL solely responsible for what we do with our machine and its flash is the USER.

    Playing with flash is not recommended if you do not know what he's doing.

    E. Why remove the application so soon?

    There is already a downgrader, both free and paid, for many materials, that can fix problems caused by poor handling of the flash (WARNING: NOT ALL CAN BE ARRANGED!) and did not have much sense, at least in our view, that could not be freely manipulated.

    Other than that, and the possible future release of new exploits by major sceners, this could allow best use of the machine for future ideas.

    F. Play something 'Alexander' in the flash apart from creating the mirror?

    The answer is NO. 'Alexander' not play at all the contents of the flash, just create the mirror.

    G. Liberareis the source code of the application?

    That is something that both JaiCraB and I have to think.

    Although the code is very simple, it is already not wanting to release it, but the consequences could have initials.

    As we know there is always stupid people, who enjoys hurting the neighbor, on the internet that is further enhanced, which is why that if the source code is free or the method, I still miss seeing the / a stupid typical creating a brick, as happened recently, but this time without using a formal agenda.

    This is the only reason why the source code was not released with the application.

    H. Could adapt 'Alexander' to work, for example, in the 3.15?

    Of course, if it was for version 3.41 is because it is more widespread among users.

    Particularly, I prefer the 3.15, for various reasons, and considering the PS3 I do not play unless occasionally, I do not need 3.41 or above.

    I. Can you create a custom firmware now using 'Alexander'?

    As I have seen, does not take long to make changes to the XML, icons, sounds entering the XMB, so logically we could say yes.

    But with a clarification on this point, 'Alexander' not allow the creation of a custom firmware, allow the installation, or at least your files.

    Of course, and I can say, create a real custom firmware (currently using a public JIG), it is perfectly possible right now :)

    To end the post, just saying that because you can always post your questions and comments, both positive and negative about the application.


    [imglink=|PS3MrEnigma Explains Mount Alejandro PS3 Dev Flash Homebrew][/imglink]
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    xMotorhead Guest
    Very useful!Now things are much cleaner!

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    TargTrainer Guest
    This doesn't do anything to clear things up for me: I still want to know *how* it does the mounting, that's the interesting part. I think his security concerns, while good-intentioned, aren't really going to protect us from much more than script kiddies: eventually someone else will figure it out.

    I think its better that we all know how it works so we can easily create auto-installers for XML CFW hacks to prevent accidental brickings by people who don't know what they're doing trying to mod the flash.

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    djhazardous Guest
    I wish one of the questions was: "Are you Dark Alex?"

    Comeon, someone named Mr Enigma releases a tool called Alejandro, I dunno, maybe it's too obvious to be true.

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    datalogger Guest
    With Awesome Peek / Poke, go to the address 0x2D7586 and put the following value 0 8534. This is just one example of how easy it is to change the version in the machine,
    That address would only work if the PS3 was already at 3.41 and setting it to 0x8534 would not be necessary because it already is 0x8534

    If you wanted to do this with 3.15, the process would be to change address 0x2D6C06 from 0x7B0C to 0x8534

    Maybe something got lost in the translation?

    What would be best with something this technical in nature would be to get someone that understands what's being discussed that also speaks Spanish to translate it for us.

    Any volunteers?
    KaKaRoTo, mi amigo, you out there?

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    ahasverus Guest
    With a real custom firmware, can we say goodbye to usb modchips ?

    why would it still be necessary ?

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    Guys, we don't allow flaming here and unfortunately I have no time to read through such posts so it's easier to mass-prune them all- 25 or so posts removed. Please keep this thread on topic and inline with the Site Rules here from now on.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ahasverus View Post
    With a real custom firmware, can we say goodbye to usb modchips ?

    why would it still be necessary ?
    In case off that the jb patch some strings in the kernel code of our retail ps3s. We would need a hacked kernel for our retail ps3s to be installed to eliminate the need of a jig device. But then... the ps3 in retail mode do not accept any fake signed aka debug files.

    You see the problem? First we need a hacked kernel but even then we can not make it run without the original puplic sony key.
    So a usb jig device will maybe longer be needed then the most users want to have.

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