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Thread: PS3MFW - PS3 Modified Firmware Project is Announced

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    Duff Man Guest
    With all respect to the guys working on this, cause seriously, I'd have no clue what-so-ever, isn't this just going to be a passing thing?

    I hope not but my concerns are these: So much effort will be put into this, but will it be rendered obsolete in a very short period of time? ok so there's no 3.56 support (nothing does yet, i get it) but isn't that one of the higher goals on the ps3 scene? Now you have alot of switches to enable/disable things, but is there any improved functionality for legal backups? Which are another very high request? I'd wager that without this feature many would skip it, and many more would wait the extra week for a 'hacked' version that allows backup managers. Would the average user give up PSN access, new game compatibility, and backups to modify lower priority settings?

    I know the 3.55 CFW advancement didn't render the 3.41 jailbreak dongle useless, hell i still use it, but you have to assume that another month or two of developments, will advance us further again and this tool may lose the ability to function.

    Sorry it's late, and i hope i'm wrong cause you guys have done some incredible work for the scene, another user above asked what it meant for the average joe and the explanation was removing programs you don't like. Doesn't $ony do enough of that for us? (little joke there)

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    cartoon323 Guest
    I just wanted to see if this program work on PS3 version 3.50. because I know it works on the other versions.

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    ramx2 Guest
    This will be a very useful app!! Thank you Devs for that hadrwork!

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    steloukos Guest
    Hi everyone, i wanted to ask and express my request about PS3 multitasking. As we all know we can multitask on ps3, but it's very limited. I read on the internet that it's mostly a software problem.

    Does anyone know if the new MFW that's going out soon, "frees" multitasking? Or even to give us the choice to customize what to multitask... Ps3 is much more than a game machine, so why not take advantage of it and use it at it's limits, now that everything is known about it?

    Correct me if i'm wrong as far as the multitasking is concerned. Thanks in advance, and sorry for any mistakes (english is not my native language).

    Keep up the good work, congrats for the site!!

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    severusx Guest
    As far as I know this has not been attempted yet. I assume you mean something like allow the PS3 to play music while also playing a game? "Multitasking" is a broad term, so if you narrow it down it bit I may be able to answer.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    unfortunately not likey to happen as gameOS is more a series of shortcuts to applications which run one at a time. There really isn't any multitasking on the ps3 apart from the fact that gameOS continues running while we run an application.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Like Barry said above me, and to add to that, if I may is some of the main reasons or some of them is, the PS3 has limited memory, and the system memory is nearly used when a game is loaded or when larger Homebrew is loaded, leaving next to know RAM for other tasks, like multitasking.

    Now we have faster drives and newer games, Some of your system memory is now freed up a little because more games are using the hdd0 more as a swap drive rather than filling the ram all the time, but not enough for what would be needed for running two or more apps at the same time. Yes the PS3 is a 64bit multitasking games/PC, but with next to no memory

    It will give you information on your m8's updates, if there online, any email you have , as your playing a game on the top right of you screen, So thats multitasking. Most games allow users to play there own music in the background giving you another multitasking, but like Barry said not though the games os. So that's about it, on the multitasking side untill we can get more ram under the bonnet, or use usb RAM disks as a boost drive, to give us more RAM. Unlikly tho. lol

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    DeViL303 Guest
    True, but as I've said all along if some of the security/Hv processes are kicked out im sure there is plenty of CPU cycles and RAM to go around for homebrew/in game music/background FTP + more etc , especially if psn checks/friends list etc are not required (Unless we get online again but dont hold your breath!) then that leaves alot of PS3 power to be used in other ways for homebrew user apps.

    PS3MFW project I'd like to see a checkbox included for a small patch that includes the explore_plugin.sprx patches from the corresponding debug firmware, this file enables all the performance bar, clear cache, quick preview , owner info for saves/game data , check option etc.

    We have tested this patch alot on AcidCFW builds and it has no downside or disadvantage over standard retail explore_plugin.sprx,it only adds more features to retail FW.

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    Jes03 Guest
    As we already have ways to run homebrew/backups on 3.15 3.41 and 3.55 I think they should work on a CFW for 3.56.
    You don't see the PSP scene making a 4.00CFW or a 5.00CFW as its already done so why keep making a 3.15 or 3.41 or even a 3.55 CFW?

    This program looks great but we no longer need those CFWs anymore. If it takes a few more weeks to convert it to work with 3.56 then so be it. But if its released and it doesn't have 3.56 CFW ability its gonna be kinda useless and a waste...

    I have a question... If this mods 3.55 but doesn't add backup support (kinda the reason for a CFW in the first place) can we mod Waninkoko's CFWv2 PS3UPDAT.PUP and have that CFW with or without the options we choose in this?
    Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post
    Yeah, that's called "Group by album" I think, and you just need to press triangle, information, then edit.. press square in xmb for it to change the group mode..

    oh, and that feature is in the official firmware...
    LOL. I don't believe it. People asking for features already on official firmwares. I'm surprised after reading the whole thread nobody asked for an option to play movies, music and view pictures from the XMB... How about an option to play games.... what about give us Internet explorer access...

    Or how about adding an option to view RSS feeds directly from XMB... Or what about NTFS support... These kinda questions are stupid. If it cant be done in OFW then of course it wont be done in CFW.

    I am being sarcastic here. But the first question is still good. Can we mod Wani's CFW with this?

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    Apr 2005


    Here are some updates, until there is a release we will continue to use this same thread for discussion. From:
    KaKaRoTo Leaves PS3MFW Project

    KaKaRoTo has just tweeted that he has stopped working on PS3MFW due to time constraints, the other anonymous contributors are continuing their work and they will release PS3MFW Builder once it’s ready.

    To people asking about CFW: I’m not working on PS3MFW anymore, I’m busy with another non-ps3-related project. so stop asking!

    There are other developers in the PS3MFW project though, and they are still working on it, they will release it when they think it’s ready.
    Project PS3MFW Update

    The following has been submitted to by an anonymous contributor of Project PS3MFW, and it contains a few juicy bits of information. As you can see, the project is still alive after KaKaRoTo left and after five weeks of work, apparently a release isn’t far away now. PS3MFW Builder is going to be multi-platform, it will be safe and it won’t require any special skills to use. It sounds like the perfect all-in-one PS3 firmware solution that makes other custom firmwares unnecessary. Read the entire message below:

    It’s been over a week since we announced Project PS3MFW and we would like to provide you with an update. We would like to address some of the questions and concerns regarding PS3MFW and to show you that the project is progressing as planned, even after KaKaRoTo’s departure:

    What is the main advantage of PS3MFW? It is open source. You no longer need to rely on closed source patches and repackaged custom firmwares.

    What operating systems are supported? Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Is firmware 3.56 supported? PS3MFW Builder v0.1 will not support 3.56. We don’t know when or if it will be possible to add support for 3.56 and up, most likely it won’t happen soon. In short, if you wish to use homebrew software, do not upgrade to OFW 3.56 or higher.

    Which firmwares can be modified? We have successfully tested PS3MFW Builder with ofw 3.15, 3.41 and 3.55. It should work on other firmwares, too, as long as they are below 3.56.

    Is PS3MFW Builder difficult to use? It will be very easy to use and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge.

    Is there a chance PS3MFW can “brick” my PS3? We are doing extensive testing with different firmwares and on many differnt models of PS3, so far we haven’t had a single “brick”.

    Does PS3MFW Builder contain any program code by Sony? No, it does not contain any copyrighted information or any portions of Sony’s program code, nor were any of Sony’s tools used to create it.

    Won’t we see thousands of new MFWs released every day by people using your tool? One of the main reasons for PS3MFW is not having to rely on firmwares made by others anymore, because you will be able to create your own. This way you will know exactly what is inside and what it does. More transparency, less risk of installing something malicious on your console. If someone posts a MFW built using PS3MFW, then he is breaching Sony’s copyright by publishing the .PUP file, if he made modifications to PS3MFW and added new features to his MFW, then he is breaching the PS3MFW GPL License by not redistributing the plugin he wrote for the framework. The idea is that everyone can just build their own firmwares and there will be no more modified firmwares released on the internet.

    When will it be released? Before releasing v0.1 of PS3MFW Builder, we want to make sure that everything works as intended and that there is as little risk as possible (unlike a certain company that doesn’t seem to test its firmwares properly). As we have stated in our first announcement, a release isn’t far off now. We have decided to slightly change the design of the framework and to refactor all the plugins to make it easier to write new plugins in the future. Since we don’t want to break our API in the next version we want to make sure this is done right from the start.

    How long have you been working on this project? This project began at the same time the first modified firmwares started to appear on the internet, which means it currently is five weeks old already. We wanted to make sure it was done right instead of releasing untested code just to get those “FIRST!” bragging rights that other developers seem to be looking for.
    Update: PS3MFW Builder v0.1 is now released, resume discussion here:

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