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    what does this mean to the average joe like me?

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    I take it this has not been released yet? I wonder what the patching of Lv1 and Lv2 does. Considering kakarotoks stance on piracy I kinda doubt that we will get peek/poke which means running backups is out of the question. So how useful this really is going to be is a big question.

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    Is there any hope that some of these modified/custom firmwares could also have options to change (movie) Blu-ray region?
    Is that even possible?

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    You might find this tidbit helpful, at least I hope it was.

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    Great news, can't wait to try this tool. Many thanks to all devs working on it.

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    Kind of reminds me of the android custom firmware, choose what you want in your firmware (in the kitchen) then press the bake button,this looks really cool cant wait to try it.

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    I am pretty lost in the ps3 scene to be honest, so can someone explain what this is all about , I havent turned on my ps3 since I first got the blackcat sometime ago and haven't done anything with it.

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    Hm, I dunno if this analogy is proper, but, if you've ever used nLite for windows and removed services and programs you didn't want, in a way this is kind of like that. Basically you are making a custom firmware tailored to your needs choosing the options that you want. Then it spits out a custom firmware with those options that you can flash your ps3 with. Basically. I'm sure other people have a much easier way to explain it.

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    that analogy is spot on rep given.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonSeed View Post
    You might find this tidbit helpful, at least I hope it was.
    Thanks. But in the tutorial was mentioned that only DVD region can be changed not the Blu-ray!

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