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    Great idea devs! I think this program is going to be in the ps3 scene for a great while especially if this is intended on the new security that sony has been doing (3.56,etc). This could be a very useful program indeed!

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    KaKaRoToKS - Could you please add a feature that can block the PS3 contacting SONY online? And let the user choose which domains to disable?

    If I remember correctly, only one domain is needed to play online, and all the rest are for sending pushlists to SONY, displaying PSN ads, etc.

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    thank you so much for this awesome open source tool

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    KaKaRoToKS, can you add an option, to make the "Package Installer" search for pkg's on hdd0? It is much easier to transfer pkg's using the FTP, insted of using a memorystick.

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    Would be awesome, if it could do 3.55cfw with otherOs, but the ability to make 3.15cfw is a good start, thank you!

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    Definitely a good tool... But I'm a bit worried having a lot of different Custom Firmware Versions out there, once this is released...

    Can get really messy, and hopefully won't, but might cause a lot more bricks too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyceast View Post
    Definitely a good tool... But I'm a bit worried having a lot of different Custom Firmware Versions out there, once this is released...

    Can get really messy, and hopefully won't, but might cause a lot more bricks too...
    this is not for making cfw/mfw for distribution to the world. this app is for choosing which options you would like for your own cfw/mfw installation. you could give it out, but why would anyone use cfw/mfw made by someone else with this app when they could make their own just as easily?

    and it has been said that they tested as many different combinations of firmware options and ps3 models. i do not believe this app will create any bricks.

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    also please add a module to add back all the usb device support from 3.41 that was removed in 3.55 and enable wma. flash. and other media support offline please! Also add an option to install otheros back to the main system XMB setting, but this time give it full kernel access to RSX and its memory please.

    Hmmm... would ps3 ultimate VSH menu matter to anybody?

    We need a clean fresh updated linux shell for PS3 don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post
    The app has about 65 options for the users, the backend is robust, we tested almost every combination, on 3.15, 3.41 and 3.55, and tested it on over 15 different PS3 models, we had no bricks at all.
    Well there you go! Thanks KaKaRoToKS!! That just proves my earlier statement "KaKaRoToKS and an0nym0us are not idiots. I don't think it will be released prior it being idiot-proof!!"
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    Just a quick question. What is the ability of putting in Linux, PS2 support (for newer consoles) and anything that might have been removed from firmware.

    Yep, I know I've mentioned about the PS2 support before, but was just thinking [and that was just after the jb]... If all firmwares are the same no matter which version of console, then shouldn't the firmware control the ability to play PS2 games?

    According to Wiki - the CECHCxx and CECHExx had 'Partially software-based PS2 emulation' - this feature was omitted from future consoles.

    On the PS3 HD in location dev_flash we have ps1emu, ps2emu and pspemu, which are SELF files.

    If CFW is true CFW then couldn't this feature be replaced. Or is it more of a matter of Sony flashing the NAND on recent consoles to not play PS2 games (16mb vs 256???) - or is it like the blow e-fuses on the Xbox360 [stopping jtag from working] ??

    I'm guessing that Linux might be easier to replace though. Checking older firmware and seeing the difference. Though I'm a total newbie to these sort of things and guessing that it's a lot harder than patching a few bytes here and there. Also have to deal with the partition that was erased due to later firmwares - could be troublesome.

    Just an idea and may be easier now that CFW are created. I guess allowing certain menus to be hidden is all it's able to do - but the ability to patch the Lv1 and Lv2 seems to me to be more powerful. Do we now have full control of the system?


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