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    PS3Merge v1.0 - Merge Files Split by PS3 Backup Managers

    This weekend Karmian has released PS3Merge v1.0, which allows users to merge files split by various PS3 Backup Managers or by his own PS3Splitter PlayStation 3 homebrew application.

    Download: PS3Merge v1.0 for PS3

    To quote: PS3Merge is a tool allowing users to merge files splitted by various PS3 Backup Managers or after using our PS3Splitter tool. This application will automatically scan for splitted files that require merge (with '.666xx' file extension).

    PS3Merge Features:
    • Automatic scan of selected directory including sub directories for files that needs to be merged.
    • Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) known from PS3Splitter.
    • "Delete original file" as option.
    • AutoUpdate as option.
    • Aside from progress bar for file split operation there is additional progress bar showing total progress - helpful if processing more than one file.
    • Total progress is also visible in taskbar under Windows 7.

    PS3Merge Requirements:

    In related PS3 homebrew news today, EmersonS35 has released ES35's PS3 ToolKit v.4 followed shortly by ES35's PS3 ToolKit v.5 and ES35's PS3 ToolKit v.6.

    To quote: The Update to this is that it automatically copies the extracted debug pkg back to the folder it came from, so you dont have to go to where the app is located.

    • Drag and Drop
    • Decrypt 3.55/PSN pkgs
    • Decrypt 3.41/Debug pkgs
    • Automatically identifies which type of pkg
    • Copies the extracted PKG back to the folder it came from

    This program Auto Detects if it is 3.41 debug or 3.55 signed. It even has drag and drop feature! for the 3.41 debug pkgs it puts the contents of the pkg inside the folder of where ever the ToolKit is. I will update to also decrypt the FW pkgs this weekend.

    Note: still in BETA versions. PLEASE report to me ANY bugs.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DemonSurfer Guest
    What does it scan.. the PS3?


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    IHM Guest
    Probally quicker than the manager doing it from external to internal, but doing it on the pc, you still have to transfer it to the ps3, good for those that just store it all on ntfs drives or whatever i guess.

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    Brenza Guest
    Thx, i had to find a game with the big files already..

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