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    He has now updated version 0.2 again with the following changes: It now supports sending zips for apps that need data files!

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    PS3Load GNPDRM PKG Now Updated for PS3 3.55 with Bug Fixes

    Following up on the earlier releases, today PlayStation 3 developer an0nymous has updated PS3Load which allows users to run PS3 SELF programs via wireless or wired network with some make_self bug fixes as outlined below.

    Download: PS3Load GNPDRM PKG (580.47 KB)

    To quote via PS3 Dev Wiki (ps3devwiki.com/index.php?title=Dev_Tools#ps3load_3.55_make_self_f ixed):

    Older versions of ps3load would not work on 3.50/3.55 ("sysProcessExitSpawn2" won't work proper), and you had to use 3.41 instead. This is no longer an issue with the recent version ps3load which fixed the (make_self) issue for 3.55 standalone precompiled version to try: ps3load.gnpdrm.pkg (donít forget to delete your old version first)

    Using ps3load:

    1. make your app, produce at least an ELF
    2. sprxlinker yourapp.elf (this should be done for you if you use any of the samples)
    3. make_self yourapp.elf yourapp.self
    4. load ps3load on the PS3
    5. define the PS3LOAD environment variable in your favorite shell with tcp:ip_addr (where ip_addr is your the ip address of your PS3)
    6. ps3load yourapp.self[/list]
    IRC notes:
    • [eussNL] an0nymous solved the make_self
    • [eussNL] it was never a problem of ps3load, but from make_self
    • [eussNL] also, 3.50++ added memory protection (W^X)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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