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    Sep 2010
    I have got to test it, tnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by solrac1974 View Post
    Exciting news, this way we will run game managers and other homebrews via network in the near future, maybe games too!
    being able to launch or copy over games from a NAS to the internal hdd would be sweet, but this is still good progress for the scene.

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    But i could see some uses for this, could we run roms for an emulator from the network?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilwil View Post
    i'm soo lost... what is this?? we can play wii games on the PS3?

    ok so if we get a .elf file from a wii game will it work?
    How about you read it again. And if you still don't understand then read it again. And if you still fail then don't bother with it.

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    Very intersting, thank you for the news!

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    Fail!: It does recieve the file that I send it, but it sticks on the grey screen! No booting back to XMB!

    I guess a small bugfix would be enough to make it usable.

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    Nice, can't wait to see what this becomes.

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    PS3Load v0.2 attached.
    Nov. 1 Update: It seems that a number of people were having problems with the first pkg I created, so I've uploaded a slight bugfix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverin0 View Post
    PS3Load v0.2 attached.
    Thanks Wolverin0, added it to the first post now and +Rep.

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    I need to try this.. Thanks guy.

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