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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    If I would buy me a clone, it would be PS3 Key. Why? Because it seems they do a lot of work for there dongle. So they want to let us know "We're working hard, to optimize PS3 Key." And news like this are the best advertisement for a dongle like that.

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    Got this emailed to me by PS3key Team:
    PS3Key Team to me
    show details 4:03 AM (2 hours ago)

    It's amazing how quickly mis-information can spread! Our support team woke up this morning to torrents of emails from concerned
    customers regarding an apparent design flaw in PS3Key, some of them even quoting us for having made an announcement about it!

    Needless to say, if there were a design flaw in PS3Key, we'd announce it on PS3Key.com and initiate a recall immediately.

    As it happens, this is not the case. We have, however, identified a problem with a small amount of stock that has already been shipped out to distributors. Probably about 1% in total. Basically, the insulating tape on the back of the circuit board isn't as large as it should be, and this is causing a short circuit. Don't worry, though, it's not the type of short circuit that can damage your console or your PS3Key.

    We're very sorry about this. Things like this are prone to happen around public holidays when people's minds are elsewhere! This time it was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Thankfully, this problem is easy to fix! We've created an entry in the FAQ to help people with affected PS3Keys to solve the
    problem: http://www.ps3key.com/en/support/faq/

    If you've been affected by this issue (99% of people won't have!) then please accept our apologies!

    PS3Key Support

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    LOL that is PR at its best, although their "fix" is basically the same as the one posted.

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    so what exactly is the teaser.pkg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by p3hub View Post
    so what exactly is the teaser.pkg?
    That was actually answered back in Post #10 HERE. Basically, it was just a picture (see it below).
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    The teaser.pkg is just a full screen blue picture of there logo saying the key has been turned. I can upload the pkg if i can find it if you want but its nothing. I got it about a month ago. Can't wait for these guys to release something useful though.

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    Yep, the PKG file is linked in the first post for download... with a picture of the screen now added in my post above yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiriller View Post
    ^ Cool, thanks for the reply. Just bought a ylod ps3, going to fix it up tomorrow and get this show on the road just need to figure and get the jb working with iphone port
    I thought it was just psgroove etc that was patched to run without a disc in the drive, I didnt think backup manager was patched too ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiZMiK View Post
    I thought it was just psgroove etc that was patched to run without a disc in the drive, I didnt think backup manager was patched too ?
    not to my knowledge, but who knows things are changing all the time.

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    Hope there are some differences in the PS3 Key Back Up Manager with added support for having no disc in bd drive because soon someone will patch it so everyone can use it.


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