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    Apr 2005


    They have issued a recall on some PS3Keys today for serials 1001 0300 0000-x and 1001 0300 0999-x if anyone has one. Below is the e-mail they sent out: ps3key.com/en/news/product-recall-for-a-small-number-of-pskeys/
    Dear PS3Key user,

    During a routine audit of our systems, it came to light that a small number of PS3Keys were sent out with an incorrect bootloader. If your PS3Key serial number is between 1001 0300 0000-x and 1001 0300 0999-x then you are affected. Please contact your point of sale who will be happy to exchange it for you.

    We have already sent notifications to the distributors that we supplied this stock to, so their resellers should already be aware of their situation. If they are not, just send them a link to this news article. We have already provided our distributors new stock, so getting a replacement should be a very straightforward process.

    If you have a PS3Key within the affected serial number range, you may not notice any abnormal activity. However, due to the problem with the bootloader on these particular dongles, unforeseen and unpredictable issues may occur in the future. Therefore, we encourage everyone with a PS3Key within this range to return it to their point of sale for replacement immediately.

    We’d also like to stress that this issue is NOT a hardware-related issue but rather an issue related to the bootloader. However, because the bootloader is required to update PS3Key, it is not possible to release an update to replace the bootloader.

    We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience that this issue causes anyone. We place the current and future reliability of PS3Key above all else which is why we decided to make this announcement.

    Thank you for your continued support of PS3Key!

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow ps3key v43 atmel.qT43B Eu mncS fS

    Here is another PS3Key update with the PSN fix. Thanks to kmjansen83 for submitting this, and to quote from the readme:
    New features in v4.3:

    1. Added the workaround recently published that allows 3.41 firmware users to log in to PSN. We would like to emphasize that there is no guarantee that while it does allow you to log in and play games online with a jailbroken PS3, there is no guarantee that your PS3 will not be banned. Use this update at your own risk, and go for v4.0 if you want to play it safe!

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    hoodlums562 Guest
    I just updated my ps3key AMTEL based device with this update! Everything is working perfect but for some reason the L.E.D stays red during the whole jailbreak process. Has anyone else had this same issue? With The 4.0 Update it would change to blue once the jailbreak was loaded! Now with the 4.3 it just stays red the whole time! But everything loads fine!

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    Yuri Prime Guest
    I just tried out 4.3 and I have the same LED problem. Works fine otherwise though

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    Warrorar Guest
    i'm really thinking about buying one and gift them on xmas to my brother. i like the style of the device and also that they work on the patches for them. if someone could tell me if there is any disatvantage on this device that would be cool.


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    New Guy Guest
    dont. they have horrible service. RARELY update anything and have no communication on their site or facebook and very seldomly their email. i regret buying mine.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    I have a PSJB that is the clone of this chip I believe and I cannot get anything to work. It has 2 leds that stay on all the time instead of red for fail and green for go on cold boot. my system is 80gig CECH-E01 with 3.41 and 100GB upgraded HDD.

    I have tried all the video tutorials but am starting to think I have a dud? I tried updating the flash chip on win 7 x64 Ultimate and it says flash success every time even when it is unplugged first, which leads me to believe the psdowngrade is fake or the driver for it is.

    I was going to get a p3key but you guys are having some complaints about it too so what would you recommend. I want to downgrade it back to 2.70, and also update to 3.41 for snes9x for PS3, that is IF I can get it to work. If not then Ill stay on 2.70 if I can ever downgrade it. I do not play online at all so I don't want to lose linux!!!

    I only updated to use a better version of the emulator and may be a custom GUI. I want to Keep HDCD support, linux support, my vanity "PlayStation3" game boot, and get rid of that 3.00 GUI which I hate with a Dying passion!!

    Yes I am eccentric a little but I like the scene as much or more so than everybody else here to. So if anyone of you fine PS3news members can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. Thanks and +Respect to those that contribute to the scene!

    my psjailbreak is not recognized properly by win xp. I can't update it without the right driver.

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    EiKii Guest

    PS3Key PS3 Downgrader Announced!

    Well not as hot news as the 3.50 JB rumour, but good news for ps3key owners! Quote from their site: ps3key.com/en/news/
    We have received many emails regarding "rumours" of a PS3Key downgrader capable of downgrading PS3 firmware from v3.50 to v3.41 using the "JIG" method. We can confirm that those rumours are indeed true! Stay tuned for more news in the next few days!
    Also EcliPS3 states the following: eclipsemod.com/news.php
    We are proud to announce that in a couple of days we will release the new Frmware V1.4 for Eclipse. Among the various improvements we will add into the firmware the possibility to downgrade the PS3 from Firmware 3.50 to lower firmware 3.41 or 3.15.

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    Apr 2005
    I merged the news to our ongoing PS3Key thread for now and added the EcliPS3 news also, when they post more details (enough to fill a new article which generally requires 2-3 short paragraphs, pics or a video) then we will do a new Site News thread for it.

    Below is the PS3Key Jig Downgrader File as well attached: ps3key.com/en/news/pskey-downgrader-firmware-online/
    If you need to downgrade a PS3 with firmware version 3.50 or below you can now grab the PS3KEY JIG firmware from the downloads section! Please note that we do not host the modified PUP file or any other file that may contain copyrighted code.[/

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    BigWheel Guest
    I just thought I would jump in here... in the first post you are talking about a 2.1 version of the updater... well I just recieved my key the other day I decided to jump in and downgrade one yesterday. I went to the website yesterday and found the only file they had on their site was version ps3key update rv11.

    downloaded that and the jig and the downgrade from 3.50 to 3.41 went fine.

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