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Thread: PS3Key Team Release 2.1 Update Open Hex Edition PS3 JailBreak

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    EiKii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Socra View Post
    i have the same problem as Mona222 ... i can get it to light up both blue and red lights, but no matter what the installer just hangs,when i try to update.. i'm using Vista as well (32x) i thought maybe my firewall had something to do with it, but it wasn't i also noticed that Vista didn't recogniced the USBKey.. maybe it there the problem lies??
    run it in xp mode,

    and if it doesent activate the update button go to device manager and press search for new devices, while its red/blue

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    autumncowboy Guest
    Was able to update without a probelm (sorry all) but it seems like v2.3 update does not have the new features introduced by "hermes v3" :-(

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    EiKii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by autumncowboy View Post
    Was able to update without a probelm (sorry all) but it seems like v2.3 update does not have the new features introduced by "hermes v3" :-(
    indeed so it seems, it sucks, i guess could flash it with some other hex for this chip, or just hang on, as the ability to use their update manager and things is ruined by flashing it with some other payload i think.

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    vma Guest

    I edited the leds.h for the AVRKEY. If you compile with this, the led's will work properly!


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    damingraham Guest
    yup still waiting on those slow folks with ps3key to implement hermes 3 so it can be more smooth. dunno what the hold up is there is NO reason not to or none to slow its pace.

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    Apr 2005

    Post PS3Key Update v3

    PS3Key Update v3 is now available, and to quote from their site:
    We have just released PS3Key v3 updates for both Atmel and Silabs-based PS3Keys and also made the open HEX code available. All of this is available in the download area at:

    The v3 update adds the functionality of the popular "Hermes v3" payload, with various modifications. Note that no serial number is required to download the open HEX update which can be be used on generic AVR devices.

    In the past few weeks we have received several requests from distributors and end users who wish to be able to flash their PS3Keys with the very latest firmwares that are not yet available from

    As customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we have decided to release material and source code necessary to make this possible in the very near future.

    The PS3Key update system was designed to protect end users from bricking chips with bad updates. A word of caution is therefore necessary here. If you experiment with custom updates your WARRANTY WILL BE VOID, and it is possible to BRICK the Atmel version of so that an external AVR programmer is necessary to restore any functionality. Generic AVR-based dongles and SiliconLabs-based PS3Keys are safer for experimenting with custom updates.

    If you wish to use the product as advertised we strongly suggest you do not experiment with custom firmware unless you have some AVR experience and an AVR programmer on hand just in case.

    We are now working on modularising the code and will release an update incorporating the "Hermes v4" features soon. We will also make source code and material for generating custom updates available soon. While compiling custom updates might add bleeding-edge features not yet available in the official PS3Key, it is not something we recommend for inexperienced users.

    Preferably, please be patient and trust us to deliver a safe update solution for you. It might take a little longer than the other versions available on the web, but you'll have the piece of mind that you're covered by our warranty in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

    Thank you for your continued support of PS3Key!
    As usual, I will +Rep if anyone grabs and attaches the update here.

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    New Guy Guest
    for the udp and bin i'll go dl the hex and upload it, btw with hermesv3 added move games n such are now working.

    Edit: and the hex file is below.

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    Thanks and +Rep New Guy, and FYI the reason the links didn't show is because they were external ones so they are sent to the moderation queue... I have attached the files now for you though as our rules require. Thanks again!

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    lazyboyblue Guest

    P3Key Backup Manager v1.0 Released

    PS3key have just released their own version of BM. I have just downloaded it. I don't know if it offers anything new becuase I have not had the chance to test yet.

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, I see it on their site news:
    We have released v1.0 of the PS3Key Backup Manager today. It can be downloaded in the downloads section of the website.
    If someone can attach it here I will +Rep ya as always!

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