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    minatek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyass408 View Post
    hey minatek. i order mines as pre-order way back also. At least we know its an issue and apparently it seems to happen to people who receive their first 100 chip batch from china. The administrator said that ps3key knows this issue and is working on finding out why. Let me know what you find out minatek.
    Didn't get it to work on either win 7 or xp, 3 diffrent computers tried so now i've talked with the company i bougth it from and sent i back for a replacement, now i just have to wait around a month for the new one to arrive

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    autumncowboy Guest
    Hi all - PS3Key just arrived! VERY much looking forward to start developing but am unsure which chip is actually in the PS3Key. What I mean is that I would like to flash Hermes V3, presumably with "Flip", but have no idea which chip the PS3Key is based on.

    Can anyone help?

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    microman2006 Guest
    i use the teensy v1 (no ++) 16mhz file for the avrkey which to my understanding is the same as the ps3key (hardware wise)

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    autumncowboy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by microman2006 View Post
    i use the teensy v1 (no ++) 16mhz file for the avrkey which to my understanding is the same as the ps3key (hardware wise)
    Thanks microman2006! Found a Teensy_16Mhz.hex in pre-compiled hermes-v3_hex and will try in a bit.

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    slonio Guest
    it is this precompiled teensy++ ? "psgroove_teensy_at90usb162_16Mhz.hex"?? I also use the ps3key. I don't know which "AT" choose from device section... please help.

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    autumncowboy Guest
    Yes and No :-(

    YES = The Teensy V1 uses a AT90USB162 @ 16MHz
    No = According to this page (compat boards) the PS3KEY uses a ATMEGAU32U4

    So I'm unsure ... and am at work at the moment so unable to test either. Also, from what I've read, once you "Flip" flash a HEX onto the PS3KEY, you will no longer be able to use the official PS3KEY updates (.upd) files - which, at least right now, is not a problem as their releases lag psgroove/ hermes's.

    Please keep us informed if you have luck with AT90USB162 or ATMEGAU32U4.

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    microman2006 Guest
    i have been using Teensy_16Mhz.hex from the v3_hex.zip on my avrkey and it works perfect except for the LED's dont light up... but for me thats no problem.

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    cfwprophet Guest

    PS3Key Update v1.3 and v2.3 Firmare Update just arrived

    We have just released v1.3 and v2.3 firmware updates in the downloads section.

    These updates work with the fat PS3 models. The rest of the code is identical to v1.2 and v2.2 in that it fixes issues caused by the PS3 USB power supply, so we strongly recommend that all users update to one of these new firmware releases immediately.

    Just to recap: Our 1.x releases include the original PS3Key firmware whereas our 2.x releases support the newly introduced features such as peek/poke and the ability to play backups without an original game in the BluRay drive. You can switch back and forth between 1.3 and 2.3 whenever you like.
    Site is to time unavailable for me. I will add the new fws as soon as they are available.

    Edit: They are now attached below.

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    Socra Guest
    i have almost the same problem.. My PS3Key does go Blue and Red after 3 tryes within 10 secs... but no matter what it wont update. I'm using Windows Vista 32x and i have noticed that Vista dosn't recognize the PS3Key at all.. maybe that has something to do with the problems.. not sure though.

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    Socra Guest
    i have the same problem as Mona222 ... i can get it to light up both blue and red lights, but no matter what the installer just hangs,when i try to update.. i'm using Vista as well (32x) i thought maybe my firewall had something to do with it, but it wasn't i also noticed that Vista didn't recogniced the USBKey.. maybe it there the problem lies??

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