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  1. #81
    peshellas Guest
    probably he wants to test if the ps3 responds to that, so that he might load some files/code,so that it will enable the debugger mode or something entirely different and he wants to see the results of the jig challenge.

  2. #82
    Nabnab Guest
    Ok let me explain.

    For now, it's just a testing purpose (like i said on the release note) I'm actually testing if this can work on every PS3, that's why i need to check every result, even latest firmware, as i can see every PS3 answer correctly (without any problem), i said to Natepig before that it doesn't make any problem to your PS3, don't need to worry

    It's like a ping pong, the PSP launch the ball and the PS3 give back the ball and again again a syscall anyway

    Why i do that ? it's actually to start to port some part of my work on it and also check a alternative for a software version (need to patch the LV2 stuff) on my way, it's pretty unstable for now (still need to fix something important but like i said it's good deal)

    From the actual result, it can be work on every PS3 but i want to see result from PS3 with the 4.0 firmware

    Also can you confirm that you have a answer from the PS3 ? (byte)...

  3. #83
    cfwprophet Guest
    Also other PS3 Dev's there don't support us cause if they want they could have done this work faster then us and also for free but they are not interested in.

  4. #84
    hawkY Guest
    Good work nabnab, you and your team are one of few people who actually work and show progress, but i have an assumption, following your posts i think that the booting of 3.6+ games and booting psp games will be integrated into your cfw ?

  5. #85
    Nabnab Guest
    Actually if my work show me a better result we will don't need all this stuff and we can take a new door to exploit more the PS3

  6. #86
    mrlowalowa Guest
    I think these Key's look like them geohot has been founded. Cause of this all PS3's <=3.55 would give an response because these key's are the master Key's or so. And the 4.0 Firmware know's these key's and try to do something but these key do not have the same rights/level than the new hidden keys.

    That's only my opinion about the response

  7. #87
    Nabnab Guest
    You showed me what i want to see just to let you know, it would be a big step on my research because the PS3 4.0 firmware still answer to a jig

  8. #88
    hawkY Guest
    Hmmm...your a code yourself man your constantly talking about new ways, new doors, thats why the scene still has a chance to survive..

    Why? Because for a long time devs tried to exploit the ps3 only through one and the same path... thats why we havent had any luck... but it seems you found a new way all around it... which is brilliant... and a new hope for the scene. Btw. i'm not a dev, i just see the facts..

  9. #89
    cfwprophet Guest
    For what we know most dev's try to open up bootloader and/or hunting for exploits.

  10. #90
    Natepig Guest
    One of my tests was with a slim with 4.0, It took ages to boot then gave the unknown usb device message but nothing happened on the psp

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