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    I can't get to Service/Factory mode. My PS3 will not power down when I use the PSP. I also tried using Jailbreak as a down gradable device and I get the same results. My PS3 is a Fat version 3.55. Am I doing something wrong?

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    PS3jig V1 for PSP, help appreciated.

    I cannot for the life of me get PS3jig to work on the psp, it just stays on "usb started" and doesnt do anything when the ps3 is turned on. Its all plugged in all right, but it just doesnt work...

    Thanks if anyone has any ideas.

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    ps3 jig wont start on my psp, i got 5.00 m33-6.

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    hi there, can anyone help me? I've got the jig software load on the psp and it starts up fine. when I do the power and eject on the ps3, the files load up but the ps3 loads to menu screen and says unknown usb dervice is connected and does not go in to service mode. Has anyone got any ideas what im doing wrong or how can a resolve this?

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    My PS3 is on 3.55 I've run PS3 jig on my PSP all the white writing comes on PSP screen and it tells me it done, but PS3 does not shut down by itself just goes to main PS3 menu.. can anybody help with this?

    have you sorted it yet? i'm having same problem so if you find out let me know please?
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    ok just attempted this on a phat ps3... and got a updater.log then followed the last step and still nothing but a black screen. any ideas?

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    How to enter into Service/Factory Mode with PS3Jig?

    I've installed PS3Jig homebrew software on my PSP-1004 with 5.00m33-6 and it starts up fine. When I do the Power and Eject on the PS3, the files load up but the PS3 loads to XMB and says "unknown usb service is connected" and does not go in to Factory/Service Mode. Has anyone got any ideas what i'm doing wrong or how can a resolve this?

    I have tried multiple times with no success and my PS3 system is CECHG-04.


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    Not sure with a PSP, I have an E3 Reader that will do the trick just fine. If you can't get your PSP to work, pick up one of these.

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    PS3Jig 1.0 real or fake?


    Is it real or fake? Has anyone got it to work?


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    Yes use 6.39 me-8.

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