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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Here is a signed version of PS3Jib. Can someone please test it? Thanks
    The signed jig gives an 80020148 error when you run it.

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    Thanks guys, been waiting for two months to get system back after wife accidentally upgraded to 3.5. Used this thread and instructions, and successfully downgraded my phat ps3 3.50, back down to 3.41

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    Talked to Brandon via email, he said if there is enough interest and he can get app running ok he will look into having it revert to mass storage mode after it senses PS3 shutdown.

    I also mentioned possibility of him making a simple gui to allow any lv2diag files and pups to be selected and then copied to root of MSpro from the program folder (if users include them themselves of course as they include sony code), he likes idea and may impliment it if he gets time etc.

    Then we could have a All-In-One unbricker/downgrader app for psp!

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    I've tried using this, but the PS3 doesn't recognise my PSP. It boots normally and says "an unrecognise USB device has been inserted".

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    i tried using the signed version but i am getting an error code so i cant use it... I am getting the same problem as seagull, but i was using cfw 5.00 m-33 now i will attempt to use cfw 5.03 Gen-c.

    I can't use Gen d3 (which is the on brandon says works for him on his psp 1001). Because if i try to install gen d3 it will brick my psp as i have the psp2000 that's only allowed to be partially hacked.

    I tried the jig program with cfw 5.03 gen-c but it did not work, im hoping someone can get the signed version to work so i would not have to worry which cfw im running, please help someone!

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    Just wanted to say that I unbricked my CECHA01 ps3 from a failed CFW(kmeaw 3.55) update. I used ps3jig on my phat psp running 3.50 M33-5 CFW.

    much thanks to IndyColtsFan84 for his tut.

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    This only simplifies the process and is utterly amazing.

    Great job devs.

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    which folders are copied in the psp? pls send the details..

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    nice news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by noufal2787 View Post
    which folders are copied in the psp? pls send the details..
    All inside the readme.txt file included in the download:
    Quote Originally Posted by ReadMe.txt
    Copy the "PS3Jig" folder to the \PSP\GAME\ folder on your PSP.

    Once on the PSP, go to the "Game" menu in the XMB and select "PS3 Jig."
    You'd then also connect your PSP to the PS3 via USB cable of course.

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