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Thread: PS3Jig v1.00 PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig Dongle for Sony PSP

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Can anyone confirm if the signed version of PS3Jig works?
    You mean on official psp firmware? i have psp on CFW so not much use, I don't fancy flashing OFW on my old 1000.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Yes, i signed it for OFW. Just wondering if it runs. Even on CFW it should run without the need for kernel mode.

    edit: i dunno much about PSP but a signed eboot.pbp should make things easier for those on OFW.

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    Taufik Guest


    Please help me downgrade fat CEHH06 PS3, I did not succeed in downloading his downgrade, FW 3.56 and problems in life right now if he was a red screen appears right inscribed "A serious error has occurred. Contact technical support assistance" Please help me?

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Read the first page:

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    THCIV Guest
    you can send it to sony or wait. if your a smart guy hopefully you learned that you can't just jump into a "scene" and expect to do what you want. a scene is basically the group of websites, poeple and information that make up a particular hobby, in this case ps3 modding.

    you need to learn how the scene progressed from the start to know that what you want to do is possible. this is a prime case, yes downgrading by this method was possible but 1. it is still relativly new and 2. things change.

    best of luck.

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    Jes03 Guest
    This is great. Finally a PSP that hacks the PS3. Take that $ony.

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    chomps268 Guest
    Too bad I already sold my psp... Well psp's. Both of them. To accomadate my girlfriend... Well, I should say ex now.

    Lesson learned!

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    jd200 Guest


    has anyone suceeded in downgrading with this yet ?

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    seagull Guest
    I just want to see the 'service mode' box on my PS3, I don't want to do anything exciting with it. I'm on Kmeaw 3.55. What do I do, just flick the PS3 off, start PS3Jig, flick it on, power-cycle and wait? And when I'm done, should I just power everything off and it'll be fine next time I use it normally?

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    yankee426 Guest
    will this downgrade my ps3 slim back to 3.41?

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