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    G Sus Guest
    the ps3jigs success in getting a ps3 into fsm is very sporadic. some people get it working. others try for weeks and get nowhere. i tried with 3 different psps and had no success. (i dont own a pspGo but a lot have success with these.) i'd highly recommend e3, its saved my ps3 twice now (bleeping death - semi-brick) although pretty much any dongle does the same job, so whichever is cheapest would do the same.

    PSPjig is an excellent idea, i only wish it worked more reliably. i'm not even sure if hes still working on it, maybe someone else should have a play around with the idea and make a better one.

    All i can say is if your relying on this to save your ps3 DONT get a dongle , any dongle. but remember, you cant get out of FSM above 3.55 anyway so unless this changes soon. there will be not much use for either this or a dongle.

    they're pretty useless for anything other than a FSM tool, but for 15 to 20 thats still a useful tool to own.

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    koimax Guest

    Unhappy error..

    I tried running your ps3jig signed but it gives me an error "The game could not be started" (800200D1)

    I have a PSP 2004 Slim running on 6.20 PRO-B5 Firmware...


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    121cky Guest
    Got the same problem about 5 anoying beep but not because convert dex to cex fail. it beacause i'm installing reactpsn v3.15 and try activating it, i'm on ps3ita 4.21. I try fixing it by follow your tutorial but no reaction still beeping and blank screen.

    please help...

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    blanksak Guest

  5. #245
    puxxi2003 Guest
    good thread, thanks man

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    dryan433 Guest
    sounds like a great tool for ps3 owner, cant wait to try thanks

  7. #247
    2slick Guest
    keep up the good work

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    kalinga Guest
    thanks man

  9. #249
    smeguls Guest

    hope this works

    downgrade factory service mode than use the dfg off torrents

    i'm gunna try downgrade 4.55 ofw with this goodluck to me

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    ladygugu Guest
    Nice man thx helped me a lot

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