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    Sr. Member Nabnab's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    This exactly showing what most of the dev on the actual PS3 scene using. Cex-Dex it's easy for dev even PS3 users if the following method is used correctly

    Mellss what did you expected ? the SCE tools are big enough actually for most of dev that play with that and lie to the PS3 users, also release stuff that follow SDK/Graf works

    If you want to make a emu PS1/PSP/PS3 for PS3 -> use a self editor (the emu = no sign) that can be load under release mode and configure that it can be launch on every PS3...

    About the CEX-DEX using LV2diag, first you need to patch the ID of the PS3 (you can even use a firmware debug) patch the system/ID that follow a debug -> QA Flag your PS3 -> Software update debug ON
    Launch Service mode/Factory mode with special PUP + Lv2diag that allow to update -> FW Debug -> Install the Special PUP that allow to be on debug -> Payload that can allow to reboot without crash ->
    Reupdate the PS3 with a firmware debug

    Most of the tools is available, only the payload that allow after the update to reboot into debug mode

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    Jr. Member mellss's Avatar
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    Oct 2011

    you can't use this and transform cex -> dex because you can't access to scei server !

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    Sr. Member Nabnab's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    You don't need to access to SCE for that....

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    Nabnab, the sad thing is you can't QA flag a cex ps3 with the available tools right now right ?

    what would your future tool change to that?
    (it's not agressive, I am just being curious ^^, btw thanks for your works !)

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    Sr. Member Nabnab's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    If you talk about a PS3 3.55 you can easily QA Flag, if you talk about a PS3 4.0 is different and you need a Payload and Syscall that can allow the system to let you update but anyway the bad end it's your need a payload anyway

    Mells i know all this but you not obliged to connect your PS3 into the SC server if you have the right way and with a Payload/syscall

    Also have a bad fail made in Sony that allow you to downgrade in a software way every PS3 that come with a firmware under 3.60+ and was updated to 4.0

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    Jr. Member kreus's Avatar
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    May 2006

    The problem now is the IDPS then?

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    Banned landon's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    OK thanks Nabnab but, did you try this CEX to DEX conversion on your PS3, is-it really working or this is a theory ?

    Your second solutions, the downgrade one, could you tell us more about-it, it use a PSP or what, are you planing to release-it ?

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    Contributor Smacks's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    NabNab you should to explain how to downgrade PS3 that have 3.60 or less from the moment. It's so important for thousand of people who wants to have they PS3 on CFW...

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    I do not want to accuse or to give advice, but what I think is:

    What does it matter to wait a day or two? Patience, with what would be useful if all his work details speeds giving sony tomorrow (FB) have canceled all the work I honestly think it's a better give her a free hand



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