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Thread: PS3Jig v1.00 PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig Dongle for Sony PSP

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    mellss Guest
    Yes we can !

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    mrlowalowa Guest
    You are my Hero nabnab

    no seriously, really great work dude I'm so much impressed that someone started again with this stuff. Really believed the scene would die. And no just one year past after geohot's leak that would be really nice if we would get each year something like that

    Just to noticed: I'm one of these person's who have an flasher (still in original packaged but I have one )

    Greets from Germany ( the GRAFs' home )

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    mellss Guest
    I do not believe in this conspiracy. Of course this is the developers who created the dongles but these are not the developers of the PS3 scene. Until now they have worked for free ! This is why we want to give dev the benefit of the doubt.

    When Graf, geohot and fail0verflow team have been sued by Sony. Who helped them? Nobody stood up to defend them. Because the PS3 scene is filled with kid who prefer to download and play instead of defending his rights!

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    kreus Guest
    NabNab my regards, i know you worked hard for the scene, unfortunately there are nice and not so nice people.

    Any help just ask, there will be a bunch of guys willing to help. I'm one

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    Nabnab Guest
    It's not a conspiracy, it's what's going on... check my next post, some PS3 users would understand what's going on

    Ok let's begin

    Part 1 -The true about ID DEX ->
    Part 2 -They want to play, fine, i will play too, you can put into a DEX, a CEX easily by using the service mode/kernel mode
    Part 3 -You can patch the PSP/PS1/PS2 Self that they can be load under PS3 Release mode

    More more soon

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    hawkY Guest
    Thank you nabnab , for everything and thank you cfwprophet and team acid... the scene will never forget your work !

    All hail TEAM ACID !

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    miki19 Guest
    good post ^^

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    garine Guest
    Well done my friend nabnab

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    mellss Guest
    Nothing new ...

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    landon Guest
    So Nabnab, after a big thank you for sharing this with the scene, could-you explain us what it does exactly ?? with those tools, could-we do CEX to DEX convertion ?

    Did you try this ? Is all the necessary tools in-there ?

    Thanks in advance for the aneswer

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