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    The merging of the old thread into this one has caused much of the confusion about service mode. A new thread should be started with a title which makes it clear to users that its for helping and discussing with Nabnab's project.

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    Agreed. Hopefully it's not too much of a setback. Just to clarify, in my #180 post I'm not comparing CrashSerious' app. I'm comparing team acid's cfw project with nabnab's ps3jig project. I am just still not clear if they are 2 different projects.

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    I managed to restore my PS3. I thought I would be stuck in FSM forever when I couldn't remove myself from it with Lv2Diag.self. I intalled kmeaw cfw over it, however, and I managed to suddenly get RSOD when kmeaw got to 99% on the installation screen. Everytime I would turn on my PS3, the FW installation screen would show and I would suddenly get RSOD again. I inserted my usb stick with the RSOD.self, rebooted, and, thank god, I was able to get through the cfw installation and am now on kmeaw.

    It still puzzles me that the RSOD.self would work, but the Lv2diag.self used to simply get out of FSM would not...

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    Cool ...made by yourself?

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    It would be better to report that to Crashserious.

    Also as far as i know, the 3.55 don't load anymore the Lv2diag... that's why maybe.

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    Helo everyone, i am new here. Nabnab Thanks for your effort, I'll try to describe more specifically my result in:

    PS3 ver: CECHG04 OFW 4.00 Folder Ps3Jig in PSP 1004, PS3 back off and restarted immediately pressed the power button eject
    PS3 turns on a black background a few minutes then a message appears as unknown usb and normal XMB.

    Tomorrow I will try version 4.00 and see if I recognize USB.. I hope to be helpful.

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    not working!!! psp 3000 and ps3 CECHG04 OFW 4.00

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    It's normal you need to be on CFW PRO or ME to lunch unsigned code man !!

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    OK some nice news related to my works but not the PSP for now. Another experiment -> We can launch the game 3.60+ on 3.55 but the method it's a little bit annoying.

    We can play PSP/PS1/PS2 games, etc.. and have many possibilities

    I will explain all that and how to do that but i need to focus to put that on a stable way ! and also annoying when you need somebody and it's not here lol...

    I was battle with the PS3 system and actually every firmware can support all that... that's why i also make something i can't tell now on the PSP but it would be free and have a software way possibility, don't worry.

    I still need to check something but yeah we are soon gonna be free on the PS3 (just small problem i was talking with some friends and cfwprophet about the next update of the PS3 this year that Sony prepare to reduce the kernel, not anymore xmb,
    etc... that it's annoying because the PS3 will completely different all the stuff)

    And please !! everybody need to boycott the next SSX and Kingdom of Amalur from EA that kill completely the video game !!! please don't accept this.

    Crashserious if you read this can you please contact me ? thanks
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