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    Same problem here

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    is possible to install it on 3.6+ ofw?

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    No it isn't. How you want to install and use that without the possability to run Homebrew ?

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    Feb 2011
    Thats a nice find. I would use it but I got the dongles and jigs already made so I can quickly and easily repair PS3s. I'll add it to my list of apps and give it a go next time I have to put a PS3 in service mode and see how it goes.

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    Greetings, this is my first post - though I'm reading along for some time.

    I don't quite understand the purpose of this tool. Why should anyone be interested in flashing from say 3.55 to 3.41?

    Do they make it possible to use FW 4.00 and change back to 3.55 to use Backups? Believe me I read all the news in the last couple of months, but I still don't understand it.


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    No the only way you can switch or "dual boot" between firmwares is by using the E3 flasher (

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    Thank you very much. I will post further questions regarding this topic in the correct thread.

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    hi everyone, sorry for my ignorance but what will i be able to with the FSM on my retail console?

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    that's my picture!!

    Copy rights Just kidding

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    The release is fw dependent and requires the ability to execute unsigned code. Without further details of your ps3 it's hard to say.

    What this does is take consoles out of fsm given that you've met the proper requirements

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