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  1. #111
    Natepig Guest
    Ok no problem I am patient and not tired.

  2. #112
    Nabnab Guest
    Ok Natepig and everyone who have a PS3 Slim/Fat with Firmware 4.0 can test this (normally you should see no problem of detecting USB Device under the xmb and also a large boot)

  3. #113
    Natepig Guest
    It gives the same as before but like you said the "unknown usb device" message is gone. Still nothing on the psp though

  4. #114
    Nabnab Guest
    Haha nice, the unknown usb device is gone the firmware 4.0 recognize the USB device anyway i still working on it but don't worry what i expected work

  5. #115
    Natepig Guest
    Can you say exactly what the end product of your research could be if all goes well? Also when will your next test payload be ready?

  6. #116
    Nabnab Guest
    Try this version on the 3.55 you would see a unknown usb device message

    It's too help my research and to have the possibility to exploit it on every firmware. My next test, i don't know, still need to keep working on it, this is just a partial testing that can lead.. remember that the PS3 only load what the system recognize

  7. #117
    Natepig Guest
    Ok good luck with you endeavour!!! I am always willing to test for you on slims 3.55, 3.72, and 4.00 but please be gentle with the 3.55. I would be willing to risk a brick on the 3.72 or 4.00 if you ended up thinking it would be worth the gamble.

  8. #118
    Nabnab Guest
    Don't worry, this don't affect your system, it doesn't look like anymore a PS3jig (thanks to BrandonW for the source, that i can play with it)

    for now, just think that is a proof we can use this into firmware 4.0

  9. #119
    garine Guest
    Hm, i don't know if i can do this tests because my psp is in 6.60 cfw...

  10. #120
    Nabnab Guest
    Like i said it works on every PSP this is not the same version of BrandonW and not related into it i just use the source of BrandonW to exploit the PS3 with a PSP

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