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  1. #101
    Desu Guest
    Natepig, you should:

    1. Take out the power cable from the back of ps3
    2. Start Pspjig on the psp.
    3. Put it back in and immediately press power then eject very quickly on ps3

  2. #102
    Nabnab Guest
    Thanks Desu

  3. #103
    peshellas Guest
    guys really listen this auto turn on feature CAN be turned off and most slims don't have it i'm on 3.55 with mine and it doesn't have it (without turning it off through rebug). also i actually ENABLED it on my phat 40gb ps3 so its just a debug setting, that if you use rebug you can turn it off just see in the debug settings of rebug mates.

  4. #104
    Nabnab Guest
    Official FW

    Or maybe it come with the 2504B

  5. #105
    peshellas Guest
    oh ok sorry mate didn't know, anyway again for the last time can you pm me an irc to talk about something? if not i'm gonna get back to my research but i have found some interesting things and would like to ask some more info about something.

  6. #106
    Natepig Guest
    Ok its clear to me now but I can tell you that the ps3 slim on ofw 4.0 does not try to turn on itself once the power cable is reinserted. I get the same result as before. I'm going to test ps3jig on my slim kmeaw 3.55 to check and see if the psp side of it is ok for me. Back in 10 mins.

  7. #107
    Nabnab Guest
    If it doesn't work, you gonna test another one, this one should work only on firmware 4.0

  8. #108
    cfwprophet Guest
    I will contact you in a few.

  9. #109
    Natepig Guest
    O.k. it worked fine on the kmeaw 3.55 slim and I got the following readout on the psp:

    Challenge Recieved: 00 01 FF FF 2E 02 01 52 01 46

    Sending response: 00 00 FF 00 2E 02 02 AA AA 19

    Sent Response: 00 00 FF 00 2E 02 02 AA AA 19

    I do exactly the same steps on the 4.0 slim which is the exact same model as my 3.55, but I get nothing from it other than hanging for a bit at boot.

  10. #110
    Nabnab Guest
    Ok stay not far, i put online a second PS3jig that suppose to only work on the firmware 4.0

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