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    Fr33m4n Guest
    After trying several different payloads I finally found something that works on PS3 fw 3.15.

    I didn't make these but I'm sharing them with you.

    Put the Stage1* file as the payload and put the FWC* file as the compatibility file. Set "Use Device 6" to No


  2. #32
    Koneesha Guest
    Are you sure? I can't seem to transfer the SW3.15 file. Maybe this is my error, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Just a tip to anyone not able to get the jailbreak working. (I assume you have the correct files/firmware installed)

    When you flip the power switch on the back and start the PS3JB app on your TI-84+ just wait 5 seconds before hitting power.

    Tap the power button once and quickly start tapping the eject key.

    Here's the part I found useful: DON'T STOP hitting eject (you will keep getting 3 quick beeps) until the PS3JB app says DONE!

    I found if I only hit the Eject button once or before it says DONE, the XMB will load up before the jailbreak has worked. I repeat, only stop hitting eject when you see DONE on your TI-84+. You should keep hearing 3 quick beeps if you're doing it correctly

    This way works great for me.

  3. #33
    hunterrr Guest
    dude THANKS for this!

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Yeah I struggled a little bit in the beginning to make this payload work myself and now usually I hit the eject button 3 times to be sure, but it does indeed work reliably on my fw 3.15 PS3.

    3.41, 3.15, 3.01 - PL3 kakaroto (to psgroove by jevinskie with /app_home of AerialX and bdvd from wanikoko) by Alex!

    FWC and Payload in AppVars (.8xv) for Brandons new 0.06.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    ok this is gonna sound stupid but i have a ps3 i bought off a guy for 80 bucks, he said the bluray was bad but when i swapped that drive to another ps3 and swapped the boards the drive worked fine, but when i put it back in the one it came out of with the board that came off of it it doesn't work.

    i think he may have swapped the whole drive and neglected to swap the boards... question is how do i get ftp server or open manager or anything else to work without the bd drive being recognized?

    when i try to start either ftp servers or bm's the screen flashes then sits at black screen and everything is unresponsive-power button, ps button, eject, nothing works- so i have to hard reset. i'm using the ti84 port and have tried several versions/payloads and nothing so far. thanks in advanced

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    rgelera Guest
    Do I only have to use the calculator once? Because I don't have a TI-84+ but my friend does. She would let me borrow it but probably only for a day.

  7. #37
    sykoNsc Guest
    you have to use it everytime you want to use homebrew.

  8. #38
    fmbaig21 Guest
    I tried that payload and i am able to backup with open backup manager. Everytime i run the game guitar hero 3 from hdd it goes back to xmb. Im on 3.15. I tried with a disc in the drive and without. What could be the issue.

  9. #39
    drLipton Guest
    OK, I haven't been following the development for a few weeks or so, but seems like the scene has grow quite a bit since I last checked..

    So what should I update/put in my ti-84? I've been using 0.01.0002, but seems like 0.06.0001 is the newest one. What about the payloads? What do you use? Is there some kind of ti-84 bundle with all the files or do I need to compile it myself?

    Sorry for all the questions!

  10. #40
    ps3dude1222 Guest
    now that hermes v4b has been released has anyone compiled it for ti-84 yet? if so please share!!!

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