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    Apr 2005

    PS3FOXX GUI for Generating PS3 PKG Files is Now Available

    Today Foxx1984 has released PS3FOXX GUI, a Windows utility for generating PS3 PKG files alongisde some updates below.

    Download: PS3FOXX GUI / PS3FOXX GUI Update / PS3FOXX GUI v2.5 / PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.1 / PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.2

    To quote from Logic-Sunrise, roughly translated:

    PS3FOXX GUI, a tool for generating .pkg using the tool of the team makepkg.exe fail0verflow. It has a simple graphical interface to use.

    The software runs under Windows. The md5 hash is: B9EE178FC1FF8B78534AD7564509DA15.

    Foxx1984 shortly incorporate new features (still Interface) in the days to come:


    make_self_npdrm.exe make_self_npdrm.exe
    package_finalize.exe package_finalize.exe




    1-Improved interface for packaging
    2-Fix a bug in the preferences of the user need to click the button to generate whenever the preferences are saved in the. Config
    3-The MD5 hash becomes: 934D9531B9529F337F5C2482FA1C820F

    In related PS3 homebrew news today, MohammadAG has released PKG GUI Signer with SRC, which is a Quick frontend for make_self_npdrm, in Qt, so it's compatible with Windows and Linux (including Maemo), Mac too (if make_self_npdrm compiles for that).

    You need to get make_self_npdrm.exe yourself, and of course, have its required libraries in the same directory.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mobilesat69 Guest


    can we get this translated to english.

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    jhauth11 Guest
    Would this make it easy to do the Hack to turn games into psn games?

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    shummyr Guest
    I believe it will work without too much issue of having the game run from the menu instead of running from a backup loader.

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    Krachwas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jhauth11 View Post
    Would this make it easy to do the Hack to turn games into psn games?
    No you can not. We have to wait until someone released the NPDRM keys, whom we can encrypt packages as REAL NP-DRM Applications. Otherwise it will only work with geohots FW.

    And so this tool is nothing new. But I think he should make the GUI in english.


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    tearsofash Guest
    So what do I use this for? I've been trying to make a pkg out of an eboot.bin that I've had for the last few days, but to no avail. I did the usual stuff: made it self, edited bdvd to hdd0 so it thinks it's from the hard drive, etc.

    But I can't seem to figure out how to turn that eboot.bin into a signed package. I'm like "this close" to getting it, but to no avail.

    Do I put an unmodified eboot into this or will my modified eboot work fine as well? I tried both of them and it only gives me a 1kb file that doesn't install.

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    ian2k6 Guest
    so can this tool remove the DRM from psn games?

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    inginear Guest
    this is just an easier way to use the existing tools. all it does is "package" all the previously released tools in a simple to use gui for windows people. therefore it can only do what the tools currently do.

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    GeordiePaul Guest
    I'm Currently working on a Windows Visual GUI for Extracting Elf from EBOOT as well as making package... still need to have cygwin installed unfortunately but works nevertheless!

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    anulu82 Guest
    after i'm choosing the elf and self and the content ID and pressing "Sign PKG" it opens a "Open" window. what to choose there? i've not found any informations.

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