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    BodaoTerror Guest
    I couldn't figure out how to use this application... can somebody upload a tutorial for dummies?


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    TheDevil Guest
    Thanks for the GUI's. They will definately help speeding things up a bit.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Another update from Foxx1984 to version 2.5. Changes:

    Download: PS3FOXX GUI v2.5

    Unself Step 2:
    - Optimize and improve the interface
    - Establish a progress bar
    - Possibility to automatically change the references in dev_bdvd dev_hdd0, dev_usb001 to dev_usb006

    Step 3 makeself
    - Adding a bar-Progresa

    Step 5 PARAM.SFO
    - detection device and the possibility of change

    Step 6 NHP NHP finalize package
    - Added the interface package and signing
    More updates below with changelogs:

    Download: PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.1 / PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.2

    PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.1 Changes:
    • Optimization of the scanner to detect occurrences dev_bdvd in step 2 back to a bug
    • Change the color of the interface it turns yellow
    • Fixed bug in step 6 the index is outside the bounds of the array.

    PS3FOXX GUI v2.5.2 Changes:
    • Fixed bug in Step 6

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    where can i download this program?

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    Apr 2005
    I have fixed the links HERE and also added them to the main article now as well.

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    lightake Guest


    I have no idea about it.

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