Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer BigBoss has released PS3Dev Builder with OSX Mountain Lion alongside some details below from the included ReadMe file.

Download: PS3Dev Builder with OSX Mountain Lion / GIT

To quote from his blog (linked above): I have just released a tool to let you build under Osx Mountain Lion:
  • Sony binutils and toolchain gcc 4.1.1 for SDK 3.60. Don't ask about how to get SDK 3.60
  • ps3dev binutils, toolchain, psl1ght and ps3libraries

What does this do?

This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools official and homebrew used in the creation of official and homebrew software for the Sony PlayStation 3 videogame system using Osx Mountain Lion

What do I need ?

You will need a few tool installed before:

1) Your mac with Osx Mountain Lion. All was tested with mac mini late 2012
2) Enable root account. Ref
3) Install xquartz (x11) Ref
4) Install xcode from app store.

After install it, open it and install command line tools. You must go yo Downloads section of Xcode's preferences to do it

5) Install macport
6) Update macport and enable +universal

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it will ask you root password, after finish it execute the following line:

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7) Install port utils (I installed these, you can have other requirements)

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8) Install wine port i use it when some Sony tools are not availables in osx

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after finish it open a new terminal and run

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it will create basic wine configuration needed later

Run these commands from terminal

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9) Create /usr/local/cell and /usr/local/ps3dev folder:

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I am using my own user and group, use your own configuration as you like

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10) Go to /usr/local/cell and get my repository

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11) Install a good and light editor

I am using one of the best editor ever made Textmate you can get it from there are prebuilt binaries

How do I use it to build Sony toolchain?

1) Get Sony SDK 3.60 full - google for it or if you are a Sony PlayStation licensee get it from as usual
2) You will need to put some files on /usr/local/cell/work/sdk this directory is not in my repo, don't upload illegal stuff to github please.

These files are mandatory put on /usr/local/cell/work/sdk if you have other names change the script or change

  • [159]
  • [166]
  • [78]

These files are optional put on /usr/local/cell/work/sdk
  • [28]
  • [29]
  • [30]
  • [31]

These files are not needed to build toolchain but you can use them with wine to work with your PlayStation 3 DEX
  • [84]
  • [85]-ProDGforPlayStation3v360.2.0.exe
  • [86]-TargetManagerForPlayStation3v360.2.0.exe
  • [87]-TunerforPS3v360.2.0.exe

3) Open a new terminal and go to work directory

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4) Run script for sony

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You must overwrite some files choosing A option asked with prompt

5) Wait until finish

You can test your new toolchain compiling some sample for example

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You will need profile variables

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This sample is compiled natively in osx, only when elf is linked it will call ppu-lv2-prx-fixup wine wrapper.

This tool is used to fix lib stub counts and some other things (you have a source example of this part for elf files and - stub-fix-only option implemented if you like to know what is Sony doing when it is calling this tool from linker, i lose some time making it but prx use other options that i have not implemented yet so for this, wrapper is enabled)

Making fself for DEX is using a wine wrapper if you have a legal native solution for osx share sources for it

Sample output:

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How do I use it to build homebrew toolchain?

1) Open a new terminal

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2) Run for ps3dev

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3) Wait until finish ignore errors in last lib NoRSX

How to load samples to PS3 CEX and DEX?


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