I just got my self a bunch of the PS3 BREAK 1.2 and here is the break down on it.

the unit is a PIC18F with a upgrade button in a blue shell usb pen drive looking case.

Pro's - the shell on the usb device is nice and has a nice grip, u can tell that you are getting a real deal device from a company because of the truth label on the front of it

con - the code is a PIC18F , The upgrade of the unit can be a bit hassling I say this because I tested it a few times with a few of the devices and it was the same deal over and over. the first time I pluged in the unit to the pc it flashed no problem and did the verify with out a problem but when I did it again with all the devices I have it would sit on the verify and never move so i would have to unplug the unit from pc and redo the flashing and verify again and hope it worked that time most of the time it did.

score = 6 out of 10
Worth buying = NO

Overall i would get a better unit for half the price. like a PS3USBJAILBREAK for $8.99 off sites out there alot better then this crappy device