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    Quote Originally Posted by SaveU View Post
    where did you order yours from?

    the picture on the ps3break site clearly shows a PIC on it.
    Mine came from And yes the truthinquiry was LEGIT.

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    No, I mean where did you buy it from. What site. Ps3break does not have a sales page to sell these dongles. I thought they only sold to distributors. Unless you meant you purchased bulk for resale.

    The only reason I ask, is I too bought 2 of these, and am waiting for the delivery. But on the site, under the truth enquiry, it clearly shows a picture of a PIC chip and not an atmel.

    (please keep in mind, I am not questioning your honesty, but rather the confusion of misinformation given.)

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    hi B4rtj4h, so sorry for asking this question again.. but how did you update to hermes v4 on a ps3break v1.1? i've tried all the available hex illness, picgroov, pic18f2455 and even the link that you gave.. hexed my board tons of time and it wont light up after i click program/verify..

    but if i use the hex supplied with ps3break it blinks alot and it works..could you provide a few steps on how did you manage to hex hermes v4 on the ps3break? thanks , i think alot of ps3break users are eager to update to hermes v4..

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    Update is simple, just like manual on the site tells, but what hex file shold i use, can anyone give a direct link?

    I updated it with the pic18f hex, but it did not worked.

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    The PIC version CANNOT be updated at this time. unfortunately they need to compile something... I to have the 1.1 and it is PIC and is upgradable as i'm on Hermes v3 + Retail pkg + updates.

    No go on Hermes 4 or 4b yet. Litereally, the HEX is available to everyone but the break.

    I purchased a Teensy that is arriving this week so I don't have to deal with there slow updates...

    So for any PS3Break users on PIC version, your S.O.L. until the break team releases something. Atmel peeps are fine.. but that was a low batch so consider yourself lucky because it was all PIC afterwards. break 1.1 is definitely upgradable (pending there is a HEX to update too) lol

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    Found this in another thread.. Anyone want to verify?

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    Don't work with my break, it flashes, when i put it to ps3, but backup manager doesn't run =(

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    Darn. I'll try it when home

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    One elaboration, with firmware from official site LED on the break lights permanently and it works fine, and with this hermesv4 firmware it flashes and doesn't work.

    Sorry for my english, i'm from Ukraine.

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    That is because there is NO compatible break Hermes 4/4b HEX for PIC break devices yet!

    You can't just flash any HEX you want.

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