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Thread: PS3Break Team Announces PS3 3.50 Firmware Downgrader

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    Fabel123 Guest
    We will see. I don't believe in open source JBs until I see a proof.

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    greeny2010 Guest
    At last can run GT5 on my ps3break 1.2

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    msr Guest
    Does anyone know if sony can stop this in future updates, or is this just for 3.50 ?

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    SaveU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by greeny2010 View Post
    At last can run GT5 on my ps3break 1.2
    sigh... you do know you can't play gt5 on 3.41 right?

    Although you could upgrade, play the game from your disk, then downgrade losing all of your everything everytime you want to play homebrew...

    I'm hoping that 3.5 jailbreak is legit.

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    hackerxide Guest
    Every day the weight of all this is gonna break through the roof and crush sony lol

    I'm very interested in custom game patchse, maybe some one will create a homebrew app for that, just like the ipod commercial "theres an app for that"

    So raise up our glasses and heres to the jailbreaking/downgrading scene.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Can't wait to try this on my PS3 Break v1.1 with AT90USB162.

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    tryerps3 Guest
    So none of you noticed that there's the downgrader, and the hombrew enabler on 3.50... and they're all holding back on a "fully free" release because now the devs realize they can make some serious cash from being "sponsored" by an online modchip/JB/dongle store, hence the "waiting"?

    Or am I just being paranoid?

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    Usernameps3 Guest

    Yiiha ps3break!

    Its all great news. But some questions comes to mind: How come ps3break have this code?

    Did they buy it off jailbreak? And how is jailbreak getting their hands on these awesome source codes?

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, all these companies buy and sell the codes as they are available... although unconfirmed, rumor on IRC has it the reason for the delay in a free solution is so that it gives the companies who paid the big bucks for it a chance to get theirs to market first as tryerps3 above also suggests.

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    moja Guest
    I agree.. It makes sense to me that a small group at the top of the jailbreak scene controls the 'drip' of open progress in order to reap profits.

    Not sure that I agree with it, but at the same time it is business for them. Since they are making money off of it, though, doesn't that make them a much bigger legal target?

    Well, hurry the downgraders to all the clones so we can have our open source already!

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