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Thread: PS3Break PS3 ModChip Arrives, PS3Key Internal Pics Released

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    nsip4ever Guest
    I found the PS3Break on ebay here:

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    nsip4ever Guest
    @zorro10, looks like a good deal, but at least with ebay you get some kinda buyer protection if it ever arrives broke or gets lost in the mail, but for $35 I might chance it with this site.

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    arifi Guest
    I orderd the PS3break clone.. The first clone that you actually can buy at the moment.

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    Apr 2005
    Here is an updated PS3Break v1.3 hexcode for those who need it. To quote from their site:
    The latest kernel V1.3 version official issued

    - Allows you to install Retail PS3 packages/PSN Demo Games direct from external USB mass storage.
    -Just copy the *.pkg file to the root of the external USB mass storage for installation
    Also attached below are some past revisions from their site for the archives.

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    harveychan Guest
    how do i find out what chip is used by the 1.1 ps3break so i could use hermes hex in the future. ps3break is a few days behind the scene.

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    Apr 2005

    Third-Generation PS3break V1.2 will be grandly launched on Oct.18

    Another update from their site:
    Followed by PS3break V1.1, the third-generation PS3break V1.2 will be grandly launched on Oct.18.

    Itís more exquisite in design, more stable in performance and more reliable in quality. Undoubtedly, which will be welcomed by more and more PS3 games fanciers all over the world for its extraordinary design, superior functionality and excellent quality

    The most exciting attraction is its upgrade key, more striking visual perception and more outstanding performance.

    Letís wait and see its better and better performance !

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    weopm Guest
    do you guys know if myusbbreak is reliable to getting an authentic 1.2 ps3break?

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    SaveU Guest
    I can confirm ndscardsale had authentic ps3break v1.1. I just had two of them show up last week.

    21.99 plus free shipping, but expect it to take 20 days to show.

    Comes in bubble bag labled Adapter.

    If they had authentic ps3breaks v1.1, they were reported haveing authentic ps3break v1.0, so i'm guessing the 1.2 should be good.

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    imsomebody Guest
    Got my PSBreak 1.1 from ndscardsale

    Crystal is 12MHz
    LED on B1
    update using MCLR

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    SaveU Guest
    Interesting. The ps3break hex file states shows a PIC18F2550 hmm interesting to say the least.

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