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  1. #11
    Mantagtj Guest
    I don't wanna buy any of this stuff, at the end of the day we should all work together and stop profiteering off each other for the greater good ? NO?

    Well I will wait till my at90usb comes at least I can reprogrammed and updated at my own will and not hold on to a group of people who could get busted tomorrow HA HA serves you right, GREED will get you in the end.

  2. #12
    ldh888 Guest
    yeah, what is the point to buy these? If psgroove will be terminated then I'll consider, by the time being, it will be cheaper like 10 usd?

  3. #13
    Mercenary300 Guest
    The only place i've seen these for sale is on ebay. there was loads on ebay last night an they was selling for 69.99 just do a search for psgroove.

    But theres no way i'm paying that, i will just wait for my blackcat to come.

  4. #14
    usman20045 Guest
    you are right you know, i won't pay that much as well so i even ordered blackcat usb hope it arrivers soon. can't wait

  5. #15
    chrykel Guest
    Sorry to bug y'all but is there a psgrove for a mytouch 3g slide? It has android os and I thought they made a port for phones with android os. Thanks... and also does my phone need to be rooted for this to work?

  6. #16
    c0rp1 Guest


    Really good news !!!

  7. #17
    normanizsharpe Guest
    digimartz.com 47 bucks.

    just bought mine.

  8. #18
    Greazy Guest
    lets see if it gets shipped to you anytime soon!

  9. #19
    hamada Guest

    Big Grin

    LoL... It is funny to see how all the dongles have the same features.

  10. #20
    normanizsharpe Guest
    well it was either wait till November for my teensy, or just get a pre programmed chip, looks nicer, and gets here in 10 days. so yeah, it won't be soon, but that's ten days at the latest.

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