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    PS3 XMB Modifier v1.0 by The Darkprogramer is Now Available

    Today PlayStation 3 developer xXx The Darkprogramer xXx released a homebrew application he calls PS3 XMB Modifier v1.0 followed by XMB Modifier v2.0.7 and v2.1 with details below, as follows:

    Download: XMB_MOD_V1.0.7z / XMB_MOD_V2.0.7z / XMB MOD V2.1.7z

    Hello PS3 scene, today I'm releasing my new PS3 tool XMB modifier.

    • Edit Start Screen Warning
    • Edit Category Names

    Firmware Support (CEX Support/Rebug needs to run as Custom)
    • 4.46
    • 4.50
    • 4.55
    • 4.60
    • Custom

    Change Log

    • Public Release
    • Added Firmware Selector
    • Added Ability to add Custom RcoFiles For Editing

    • Fixed Windows Xp Color Error
    • Thanks StarMelter, Sandungas and KTD

    • Added Home
    • Added Compiler

    • Beta Testers
    • Added Startscreen Changer
    • Added Category Name Changer

    Update: Hey Guys Here's an update to my XMB Modifier v2.0 / 2.1 - Now Supports All Languages.

    • Added Language Selector
    • Did a bit of Code Cleanup
    • Should Run A lot Smoother

    Enjoy Guys.

    • Sorted 4.46 compiler error

    PS3 XMB Modifier V2.1 Tutorial

    Please not the files used in this app is original non tampered .rco files. REX\DEX must be edited as Custom.

    XMB Modder Selection

    Edit Startup Screen (This will edit that pesky epileptic warning)
    Edit Game Category Names (This will edit the category names of your xmb)
    Using Edit start Message
    CFW Version 4.46 4.50 4.55 4.60

    Type in the text you want to be displayed on startup
    Press save
    Launch the compiler

    Select The Compile Tab
    Navigate to ps3/custom/rco/sysconf_plugin/

    Select sysconf_plugin.xml

    Select sysconf_plugin.rco
    Select Zlib

    Click Compile
    OUTPUT: This will be what you typed in it will display on the screen on startup
    User validation this is for the users who experience problems
    Checking if the start message was changed to what you wanted

    Now select the language you changed
    Use the find function
    Crl+F type in health

    The second one named
    This should be the text your looking for
    For this example its:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If this text is here and your output is not that of the .rco file.

    Please use the Custom Firmware Function on the main firmware selector.

    Finally in related PS3 XMB homebrew news, PlayStation 3 developers ErMaK86 and Echo6vi (via psjailbreak.gr/2015/04/xmblockreboot-by-ermak86-echo6vi.html) released XMB Lock v1.00 followed by v1.01 (via psjailbreak.gr/2015/04/xmblockreboot-v101-by-ermak86-echo6vi.html) and v2.00 with more updates and details below, as follows:

    Download: XMBLOCK_REBOOT.v1.00.pkg / XMBLOCK+REBOOT.pkg / XMBLOCK+REBOOT.pkg (Mirror) / XMB_LOCK_STEALTH.zip (With RCO Edit) by bitsbubba / XMB_LOCK_STEALTH.zip by ermak86 / XMBlock&Reboot-101.pkg / XMBlock&Reboot.v1.01.pkg (Mirror) / BP0001-XMBLOCK00_00-0000000000000000.pkg (v1.02) / Reboot System (German).pkg via bitsbubba / XMBLOCK_v2.00.pkg (37.1 MB) / XMBLOCK-v2.00.pkg (Greek Language Removed - 37.2 MB) / XMBLOCK-v2.00.pkg (Mirror) / XMBLOCK_v2.01.pkg (41.3 MB) / XMBLOCK_v2.01.pkg (Mirror) / XMBLOCK_v2.02.pkg (47.02 MB) / XMBLOCK_v2.03.pkg (52.73 MB)

    This tool for CFW 4.70 will protect your console's settings locking the System settings, Network settings and System update.

    The tool also allows to install a System Reboot option on XMB for any CFW 4.70 Cobra.
    • Install XMB LOCK --> make your settings changes with yours choice
    • Install (XMBLOCK+REBOOT.pkg) go to settings lock and press activate
    • Now your settings is protected.

    If you want to make changes or update just select deactivate lock option and all settings have be unlocked.

    Install reboot option -->just install from pkg this option.

    From bitsbubba: I also noticed that "Control for HDMI" was not labeled as locked when active so I changed it in rco for all languages and haxxxen in my previous pkg I had added a pkg version of Reboot but only for 4.70, it should be available for 4.46 also now (linked above) if you want to test.

    From ermak86: I create for you a stealth version of xmb lock (linked above) - you can install and uninstall it from mmOS by clicking the zip files.

    Update 1.01
    • Added support for 4.46 4.50 4.55 4.60 4.66

    Install XMB LOCK --> make your settings changes with yours choice, install (XMBLOCK+REBOOT.pkg) go to settings lock and press activate, now your settings is protected.

    If you want to make changes or update just select deactivate lock option and all settings have be unlocked.

    Install reboot option -->just install from pkg this option.

    From bitsbubba: I noticed "devflashcategory_user.xml" is still being copied to dev_flash which is unnecessary. Also if you check one of the pkgs that I uploaded I made a cleaner install (Reboot) which doesn't put any files on HDD root (not the pkg install but your version).

    Update 1.02

    Bitsbubba with your reboot method i get message (The system was not turn off properly the last time it was used) after reboot. Yours method Added on v1.02.
    • Minor fixes
    • Delete unnecessary xml (bitsbubba suggestion)
    • Added 4.65 cfw support
    • Added bitsbubba Reboot method (+2)

    XMBLock v2.00

    Rough translation: Another update in XMBLock which added option full lock and the support of 4.75 firmware. Includes analytical functions XMBLock v2.00
    • Full lock: Locks all category settings
    • Lite lock: Locks the system update, system settings, network settings
    • Disable lock: Unlocks all of the above

    Changelog v2.00:
    • Added 4.75 cfw support
    • Removed 4.46 cfw support
    • Added full lock (setting category)

    XMBLock v2.01
    • Added 4.76 cfw support

    XMBLock v2.02
    • Added 4.78 cfw support
    • Minor fixes

    XMBLock v2.03
    • Added 4.80 cfw support

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    More pics for the OP...

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