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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Waves Tool by Brunolee Arrives for PlayStation 3 Waves Mods

    Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer brunolee made available a batch collection dubbed PS3 Waves Tool followed by v0.1 and v0.2 with details below.

    Download: PS3 WAVES Tool.rar / PS3 WAVES Tool v0.1.rar / PS3 WAVES Tool v0.2.rar / MultiMAN Clockwork Motion Background / MultiMAN Sith Motion Background / MultiMAN Bioshock Rapture Motion Background / MultiMAN Firesky Motion Background / MultiMAN Windows Machine Motion Background by Scofield / lines.qrc (4.70 Rex base) by pinky

    To quote: To facilitate a little the MOD of waves: PS3 WAVES Tool by brunolee


    WAVES Decrypt Encrypt lines.bat
    • Double click on "WAVES Decrypt Encrypt lines.bat" will encrypt or decrypt your lines
    • "lines" will be encripted to "lines.qrc"
    • "lines.qrc" will be decrypted to "lines"
    • Require "lines" or "lines.qrc" in same Directory of batch

    WAVES MNUs PrePatched lines.bat
    • Double click on batch will open a list of MOD "MNUs" settings to put in lines pre patched

    WAVES Imput DDSs TGAs.bat
    • Double click on batch will open a list of MOD "DDSs" and "TGAs" to imput in lines
    • This uses a "ORIGINAL" as default and MOD folder selected to imput
    • Require "lines" in same Directory of batch

    WAVES ZIP lines Creator.bat
    • Double click on batch will create a "PS3~dev_blind.zip" to install through multiMAN
    • Require "lines.qrc" in same Directory of batch


    MODS folder
    • Contains folders with "lines content" MODS (Waves I found on NET, for comparison)
    • "2 EDIT" folder is to make your MOD (make all MOD folders you want)
    • DO NOT MESS with "ORIGINAL" folder

    MNUs (settings)
    • Edit .js files with "Notepad++"

    • Edit .dds files "Photoshop"

    DDS save settings:
    • Open "DDS save settings.png" in [MODS/2 EDIT/DDS/]

    • Edit .tga files with "Photoshop"

    TGAs save settings:
    • Noise-TGA-textures.tga --> 24 bits/pixel
    • freslut0-TGA-textures.tga --> 24 bits/pixel
    • freslut1-TGA-textures.tga --> 24 bits/pixel
    • freslut2-TGA-textures.tga --> 32 bits/pixel
    • freslut-TGA-textures.tga --> 32 bits/pixel
    • proc_iridescent-particles.tga --> 32 bits/pixel

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Create new Waves Example:
    • After edited MNUs, DDSs, TGAs (what wanted)
    • Double click on "WAVES MNUs PrePatched lines.bat" and select my folder MOD
    • Double click on "WAVES Imput DDSs TGAs.bat" and select my folder MOD (entirely optional)
    • Double click on "WAVES Decrypt Encrypt lines.bat" (now we have "lines.qrc")
    • Double click on "WAVES ZIP lines Creator.bat" (now we have "PS3~dev_blind.zip" to Install via multiMAN)

    Install "PS3~dev_blind.zip"
    • In multiMAN [SELECT+START] to mmOS, double-click on "PS3~dev_blind.zip" to install and test your MOD WAVE


    Tools folder
    • 7z.exe and 7z.dll - used to create: "PS3~dev_blind.zip"
    • binmay.exe - used to remove first 8bits from "lines.qrc", imput MNUs to "lines" and add a proper 8bits to "lines.qrc"
    • linesPrePatched - used 4.60 "lines.qrc" decrypted and MODED
    • WAVEGenericInjector.exe - used to input "DDSs" and "TGAs" in "lines"
    • zlibc.exe - used to decrypt "lines.qrc" and encrypt "lines"

    I used these programs only because it was I already had on my PC.

    In related news Shaitan made available some PS3 Custom Coldboot and XMB Waves for Rebug / Cobra CFW with details below, as follows:

    I made these mods for REBUG/Cobra and thought I'd share, just double click on the zip file in Multiman.

    Here are modded waves and coldboot. The waves are red with a black background and the coldboot has a REBUG scorpion pic with REBUG-REX and Cobra edition next to it.

    Download: PS3~dev_blind.zip

    Here are the Multiman and Showtime icons shaded red to look REBUGier.

    Download: PS3~dev_hdd0.zip / PS3~dev_hdd0.zip (Mirror)

    Thanks to pinky for his great tutorials.

    Update: PS3 Waves Tool v0.1 Changelog:
    • Changed the creation of "lines" way
    • Changed MODS structure
    • Added a Extractor for "lines"

    Update #2: PS3 Waves Tool v0.2 Changelog:
    • Added a converter DDS2PNG to "lines Extractor" now converts .dds files to .png (edit PNG files with any imaging software is so much easier)
    • Added a converter PNG2DDS to "lines Creator" converts .png files to .dds for the creation of "lines"
    • Added a progress bar to "lines Creator"

    Finally, zapptheman made available a Custom PS3 XMB Waves Tutorial for those interested, as follows:

    How to Add Custom XMB Waves background on PS3 XMB

    Hello world. Today I will be showing you all how to install you're very own custom XMB waves to your ps3.

    Here is a Video Tutorial and a Written Tutorial will be underneath the Video:

    FTP Method:

    Step 1: Open Rebug Toolbox. (if you do not have it you can download it from HERE)
    Step 2: Open your FTP Client. (if you don't have one you can download FileZilla from HERE)
    Step 3: Find Your PS3's IP and connect to it through filezilla or your FTP client of choice.
    Step 4: Choose your lines that you wish to use. (if you don't have any, you can download my PS3 WAVES Tool v0.2(2).rar pack from HERE)
    Step 5: Back on filezilla connected to your PS3, navigate through the directories like so /dev_Rebug/vsh/resource/qgl/.
    Step 6: You should now be able to see your Lines.qrc file which is your current line theme/animation.
    Step 7: (Optional) You can make a backup of the current lines file so you can put it back if need be.
    Step 8: Take the lines.qrc file you chose and copy and paste it into the qgl folder in filezilla, you will be prompted to overwrite, just accept it.
    Step 9: After done copying, exit to XMB.
    Step 10: Enjoy the new lines

    MultiMan Method:

    Step 1: Open The Lines Creator.bat tool found in my pack (make sure to unzip it all).
    Step 2: Chose the lines you want and type its number in and hit enter.(e.g press 3 for Electric Green).
    Step 3: Open the encrypt/decrypt tool. (let it run and it should automatically encrypt the lines file.
    Step 4:There should now be a file named "Lines.qrc" in the folder.
    Step 5: Open the zip creator.bat file and it should create a zip file (DO NOT RENAME IT).
    Step 6: Copy that file to the Root of your USB.
    Step 7: Open MultiMan on your PS3.
    Step 8: Go the MMoS found all the way on the left and the seccond option down the list, open it and load up the MMoS.
    Step 9: Click on the Root folder in the top left.
    Step 10: Navigate to your usb (dev_usb000 or dev_usb001).
    Step 11: Click on the zip file you copied to it, allow it to install.
    Step 12: Quit to XMB.
    Step 13: Enjoy the new lines

    From sandungas: There is a couple of things needed to say that usually is not advised in this tutorials:
    • Lines.qrc contains much more things than only the wave
    • Is a very bad idea to use a lines.qrc from a different firmware version

    The problem is sony changes the lines.qrc every few firmwares (the same happens with most firmware files, so the same rule applies to most files)

    If you take a lines.qrc from a very old firmware and try to use in a new firmware the most probable thing it will happen is something will be "broken"

    For this reason is a good idea when releasing a modded lines.qrc to tell from which firmware it was taken... is like specifying his compatibility.

    Here (psdevwiki.com/ps3/Lines.qrc) can be seen a table with all the different versions of the lines.qrc sony used in all firmwares, note in the table are in groups because there are some firmwares when the file was not changed (but this is not very common, as a rule for safety reasons is better to consider it changes in every firmware)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    drphuz Guest
    I love it!

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    shummyr Guest
    This is an awesome tool

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    drphuz Guest
    I had mad fun playing around with it.

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    drphuz Guest
    I've been following this tools progress.. This tool has been updated to v0.2:

    Download: PS3 WAVES Tool v0.2.rar

    PS3 WAVES Tool v0.2
    • Added a converter DDS2PNG to "lines Extractor" now converts .dds files to .png (edit PNG files with any imaging software is so much easier)
    • Added a converter PNG2DDS to "lines Creator" converts .png files to .dds for the creation of "lines"
    • Added a progress bar to "lines Creator"

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    Apr 2005
    I have now updated the main article with v0.2 as well and +Rep drphuz for the news.

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    kristijan1001 Guest

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    JustPs3 Guest
    can some one bee kind and upload PS3~dev_hdd0.zip files to other site? Asking because firedrive not working any more

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by JustPs3 View Post
    can some one bee kind and upload PS3~dev_hdd0.zip files to other site?
    I added a mirror to the main article for it now: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...-3-waves-mods/

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    drastroturf Guest
    Awesome. Thanks

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