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Thread: PS3 Water Cooling Mod Solutions Available

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    bullete Guest

    someone can tell the approximate cost of this mod ? thx.

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    crowds Guest
    It looks great and I'm sure it does the job, but on top of the cost of the PS3 I bet it most people wont be able to afford it

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    Diode Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZAFDeltaForce View Post
    If I'm not wrong, the coolant must be changed every year or two, and the coolant is not exactly very cheap either.

    Apart from that, if someone inexperienced were to install the pipes and equipment, leaks could result from poorly connected pipes, virtually frying your PS3 if it's connected.
    Yeah, I agree.. it just doesn't seem practical.

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    AKmania Guest
    if you use the cooler inside it only cause you to break the void for something not really help full and if the pipe goes wrong and the water comes out say good bye to your PS3. if your ps3 over heat just send it to SONY or put huge fan behind it before that happens.

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    XiuKeong Guest
    At 1st I thought it's impossible but after reading this thread, I was amazed.

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    brodudeman Guest
    does anyone have any experience with these mods? what needs to be torn out of the stock ps3 to run the water cooling? what are some common problems with the mods?

    cooler is better. i don't know. it doesn't seem as expensive as everyone is making it out to be. I'd do it if I knew it was working for other people.

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    TiRaNog Guest
    I want one of those xD. My PS3 60GB seems to be a jet reactor when I play it for more than 10 minutes xD.

    I will see if the blocks are mor cheaper in the future, because there are very expensive now...

    Greetings for the post

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    ruger1234 Guest
    It would be cool to also install the controller interface for the Exos-LT V2 in the PS3, so that the Exos-LT did not require an external PSU and that the PS3 could auto shut down in case of Exos-LT failure.

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    deagon Guest
    hehe.. nice moddind for the ps3 but i think it is expensive

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    pinpin Guest

    pclike cooling system for ps3

    how we can make a pclike cooling system for ps3. There are sammy schematics construction or so on?

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