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    RexVF5 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    the deal extreme ones are fakes of fakes
    I wouldn't know since I haven't ordered anything from them yet. But there were people on this board (and other places as well) giving good references about them. You have some personal experience with them?

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    Jack Straw Guest
    Why would you consider wholesaling a product that doesn't talk over USB on half of the programs it comes with?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    the deal extreme ones are fakes of fakes
    Fake or not I don't think anyone really cares so long as it gets the job done and can be updated. Personally I don't want to order form them because they take too long to ship and their customer service is practically non-existent.

    They currently have 8 PS3 jailbreaks for sale ranging from $13 to $30 (the most expensive being a hub), shipping is included. It's going to be difficult to compete with them because of their "free" shipping, anyone who wants the cheapest just pays $13.

    I'll wait to order from you but I'm not paying more than the thing itself is worth in shipping. I wonder how much it costs to ship that 1/10th gram object here...

    So much for a free solution on a common device like the PSP, bah.

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    bugyboy Guest
    I have 10 ps3 same place, need 10 ps3 usb jailbreak or 1.. this jailbreak must on always ps3 or can I unplug it when exploit work?

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    fcreeves Guest
    Ok... Here is the knitty gritty on this clone. It's hardware specs are great as said before in this thread.

    IT DOES JAILBREAK as all others and it IS upgradeable!!!

    I had written the company an email and told then about the flaws I DID find with it. 2 and a half days later the 11-01 update fixed one of the issues!!!

    The issue was FTP was not working. It now works as it should.

    So, with that said first, the company IS striving to make its product better. This USB dongle does have the potential to be the best product out there IF they continue to make the available HEXs out there work with their product.

    I have a PIC board that I flash iLLNESS's latest (OCT 23rd) hex and EVERYTHING works as it should.

    A PSN game that worked with my PIC board and my fav manager (multiMAN) do not currently work with the latest update with the ps3usbjailbreak dongle.

    We'll see what the ps3usbjailbreak team does in the next coming days as I have sent them links to the multiMAN and links to the hex I use on the PIC board.

    I must say I was impressed that there have not been any new hex's released and they fixed the FTP issue.

    THIS DONGLE DOES HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE BEST OUT THERE if team ps3usbjailbreak can utilize the latest hex's and make all of the available homebrew and PSN games work as they do with a PIC board.

    I recommend this for someone who only needs to play backups and does not care about PSNs or certain managers. However, the board does have 64k (helps with future hexs? will 64k be enough future proof?) and is capable of asbestOS with the provided program from the download section of ps3usbjailbreak website.

    For the peeps who want it all, a PIC board is the way to go. Keep in mind, this can change in a couple of days or next week depending on what team ps3usbjailbreak does.

    Also keep in mind, the entire scene can change on a dime depending on $ony's actions.

    I will be swapping a hard drive out and trying a few things out with this dongle instead of the PIC board. I want to be an optimist and hope everything will work with the upcoming updates as this IS the best price vs performance jailbreak on the market I believe

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    BwE Guest
    I've recently reviewed the x3max - It should be in the main news section shortly.

    It craps all over the ps3 usb jailbreak adapter.

    But the price wise - maybe not.

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    tiatia Guest
    That sounds good! This is what kind of game?

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