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    Contributor skyo78's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by lanzl View Post
    yes, it has hermes v4 supported, and the asbestos supported, that confirm it has at lease 50K flash size (included bootloader). asbestos need 45K
    Sweet. Thanks for the info.
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    Just ordered mine, I hope it works because im stuck with the PS3Break v1.0 long (the one that cant be upgraded but its an official one and it says upgrade on it). I just want to use the the features that everyone else can use. (Watch someone come out with a thing that can patch the system so all the features work like no disc and all that but you need any usb jailbreak stick to use it).

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    i don't know why you buy those keys -.- boards are better, easly upgradable and supported from the community

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    The coolest thing about this review is sk group's smiley .

    And maybe the 64 KB on board flash.

    Edit : I really think, to buy this one for 19,90€ from France . Than finally I got an stick that I can upgrade.
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    guys, just dont buy the commercial crap dongles, get yourself some device that works, there are enough or buy an atmel usb controller or similar, don't let fools make money out of you.

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    Just ordered one for$ 25 shipped to the USA. Hope this works with PL3 as the EcliPS3 I have now doesn't support it though it states that it supports PSFreedom.

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    No one else finds it odd that all these clones come packaged the same way?

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    i'd sell dev boards if they weren't always sold out at least this way i'd never run out of stock lol.

    but we'll see - hell, i might even make my own clone

    oh i was just thinking - how much would you guys pay for this jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    oh i was just thinking - how much would you guys pay for this jailbreak?
    Well, their Chinese distributor (laser-hl) sells it for $13 (+$25 shipping). I guess once dealextreme includes these in their stock it will be somewhere around $20-$25 including shipping. They currently have (almost) all the other sticks ranging from $13-$30 (that is the one including 2-port USB hub).

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    the deal extreme ones are fakes of fakes


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